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Kalaquli R - Room Escape Game Walkthrough

Kalaquli R - Room Escape Game Walkthrough
Kalaquli R Walkthrough
Kalaquli R - Room Escape Game Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve Kalaquli R.  Tips and hints included in the walkthrough.

About Kalaquli R:  You wake up in an unfamiliar room...  Solve the hidden mysteries as exploring around in order to escape from the Ninja house.   A game from 989Works.   These solutions and screen prints are
based on the Android version.  There might be slight variations on other platforms.  Kalaquli R - Room Escape is a point-and-click room escape game.  It is of medium difficulty and can keep you busy for about an hour working your way through the house with its many puzzles and secrets!

Kalaquli R Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the Ninja house entrance area:

Go left:

Pick up the dart from the floor.
Open the doors to the outside area.  Drag the doors left and right to open.
Go outside.
Use the dart to remove the ninja in the trees.

Take the brown disk at the white pillars on the right.
Take the golden moon-shaped disk from the pillars on the left.

Look at the code on the wall:  o - o o - - - o

Go back inside.
Go left.

Zoom in on the circle at the flower vase.
Take the white stick.
Look at the "sweets" in the bowl.
pink pink green; pink white green; pink white green; pink white green.
Count them: 5 pink, 4 green, 3 white.

Go left.

Use the stick to get the brown disk from the ceiling.

Go left.

Zoom in on the table with the ninja hat.
Place the golden moon shape disk on the helmet.
Open the compartment.
Take a brown disk.

Open the door on the right by pulling both pins out and then opening the door.
Pull the brown hatch down.

Change the pink, white, and green circles to display the correct number of petals as per the "sweets" clue.  5 pink, 4 green, 3 white:

Take the brown disk.

You should now have 4 brown disks.

Go right
Open the secret compartment in the floor.
Zoom in.

Place the 4 disks so that you make the pattern of circles and dashes that you saw on the wall.
o - o o - - - o
Circle Dash;  Circle Circle; Dash Dash; Dash Circle
That will open the door above.

Enter the new room:

Move the painting on the right then take the scroll.

Zoom in on the scroll:

Go right.

Take the stick in the bottom right corner.
Zoom in on the white lamp and remove the bottom candle holder.

Go left.

Go left again.
Press the buttons in the order as per the scroll.
Top left, bottom left, top middle, bottom middle, top right, bottom right.
A ladder will appear.

Go down and to the outside garden room.
Zoom in on the white pillars on the left.
Use the stick to dig the ground.
Take the gold,

Go back to the ladder
Climb the ladder.

Open the 1st wall panel on the right.
Take the blowpipe with darts

Use the blowpipe with darts to remove the Ninja in the tree.

Zoom in on the wooden box at the end of the passage.
Use the gold on top of it.
A secret compartment will open:

Take the key.

GO back.
Zoom in on the locked cupboard:

Open using the key and take the ninja fork.

Go to back to the room with the white circle with the flower vase.
Zoom on on the red button on the wall.
Insert the ninja fork.
Move the door next to it to the left:

Go up stairs.

Use the stick to retrieve the piece of wood from the top right.
Take the candle

Zoom in on the candle holder
Add the candle.

Go down then go to the white lamp.
Insert the burning candle.
See the pattern:

    B W B
    B W B

Go back up stairs
Zoom in on the panel on the right
Change the black and white circles to match the pattern.


Take the big key.

Zoom in on the white square on the wall on the left
Use the wood to peel it off.
See the pattern:

Moon, 2-flower, pot

Go left.

Zoom in on the 3 white squares.
Change the 3 to match the colors of the "moon, flower, pot" hint:
Gold, Red, Blue:

Use the key on the peg:

Turn the key to reveal a ladder

Climb down the ladder!

Well done on a great ninja escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Thank you for the Kalaquli R room escape walkthrough. It was a very good and refreshing room escape game. Some very difficult puzzles, but in the end all of them had a very logical explanation.

  2. Thank you not only for the solution of the puzzles, but espacially for explaining why they were the solution.