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Black Magic Escape Walkthrough

Black Magic Escape Walkthrough

Full step-by-step walkthrough solution to help you solve Black Magic Escape.  Tips and hints provided with detailed explanations to all the puzzles in this game.   This walkthrough will help you escape... alive!

About Black Magic Escape:  The 474th escape game from 123bee.com I’m an Archaeology student ... I went to a place for my project which is so mysterious.. Unfortunately I was trapped inside the cave.. Please guide me to do the research and the way to escape from this place…

Black Magic Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the 5-candle room:

Zoom in on the candles, the take a candle (second from the left).
Zoom in on the lion shield above the candles, then take the sword.

Go right to the single-bed bedroom

Take the necklace chain from the table.
Take the red potion from the table.
Take the black table stand from the table.
Take the deer skull from the box on the right.

Go right to the main bedroom.

Take the sack and the skull from the desk.
Open the drawer below where you found them and take the dice.

Zoom in on the carpet and place the deer skull on it.
Add the red potion.
You will see a tablet:

Zoom in on the line with the ring on the wall.
Use the sword to move it.
Take the red key.

Zoom in on the sack
Use the sword to open
Take 2 black eyes.

Go left to where you started.
Zoom in on the skull painting on the left wall.
Add the 2 eyes.
The painting will move and reveal a secret compartment.

Take the brass key, the book, and the scroll.

Go right.
Open the drawer with the brass key.

Take the chain

Go right.
Look at the light brown chain:

Notice the symbols:
Up-arrow, C2, Circle, ?3, [4]

Zoom in on the grey square on the floor.
Click on these symbols.  (If you click correctly they will light up)
1st one: Circle Column 2, Row 4
2nd one: Up arrow Column 1 Row 2
3rd one: C2 Column 2 Row 3
4th one: ?3 Column 3 Row 3
5th one: [4] Column 4 Row 2

If you are correct, then you will descend to a lower level

Read the scroll.
Follow the scroll:
Click at the base of the statue
Add the table stand
Add the candle to the stand
Add the skull
Add the chain
Add the book
Add the key to the book

Throw the dice on the book
Take the 2 diamonds

Go up and all the way left.
Zoom in on the lion shield
Add the 2 diamonds to his eye sockets

Take the key and the scroll

Read the scroll

Study the path of the circled symbol: Left, down, right, down

Zoom in on the brown square just left of the lion
Insert the key
Insert the sword

Click the tiles as per the scroll.
Start top right and click all the way left.  Click down 2 rows.  Click all the way right.  Click all the way down.

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!

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