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Christmas Snow Abode Escape

Christmas Snow Abode Escape Solution
Christmas Snow Abode Walkthrough 

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to escape the Christmas Snow Abode... alive.   Detailed instructions to all the puzzles with tips and hints in the solution.

Christmas Snow Abode Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start your quest in the street in front of the houses.

Take the black bauble in the snow, close to the trees.
Take the red bauble  from the veranda of the big house on the right.
Take the cyan bauble from the bottom right corner of the big house on the left.

Enter the big house on the left.

Take the pink bauble from the bed.
Take the yellow bauble from below the set of drawers on the right.

Look at the wall just right of the set of drawers:

The number 25.

Open the blue drawer with the code 25.

Take the Santa Hat.

Zoom in on the Santa Hat.
Shake the hat.
A Merry Christmas card will fall out...
with the number 2121 on it.

Exit the house.
Go right.

Take the green bauble from the bottom right corner of the house.
Take the blue bauble just right of the man.  (Hint: do not first zoom on the man)

Enter the house.

Take the dark red bauble  from the light.
Open the table in the center then take the red book.
Read the book:

Yellow circle times blue square = ?

Zoom in on the blue locker on the right side wall.
Add all the baubles.
The locker will open

Take the candy.

Zoom in on the candy:

You will see code 5056.

Zoom in on the stocking on the wall.
You will see 30.  This one has a blue square

Open the drawer on the left with the code 2121

Take the Santa Sock.
Zoom in on the Santa Sock.

This one has the number 26 and a yellow circle.

So, according to the book, Yellow Circle x Blue Square = 26 x 30 = 780

Exit the house.
Go back to the house on the left.
Open the drawer with the code 5056

Take the white star and the present.
Zoom in on the Christmas present.
Open it.
Take the Father Christmas.

Open the small drawer with the code 780

Take the second Father Christmas.

Enter the house on the right.
Zoom in on the cupboard on the right.
Add the white star.
Add Father Christmas

Add the second Father Christmas

A secret compartment will open.

Take the Bible.

Exit the house.
Zoom in on the man.
Give him the Bible

Father Christmas will arrive with the reindeer.  Click to hop on...

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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