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Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Escape Walkthrough
Halloween Escape Solution

Return to Halloween Escape!  Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape... alive!  Tips, hints, and detailed explanations provided in this guide.  If you need more help, use the comments section below.

Presented by AddictingGames and ShatteredGames.Com.  Play the online version here.

Return to Halloween Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in front of the mansion.

Press the doorbell to open the door.

Oh no! The door shut behind me!
You are now in the foyer

Take the plastic leg from the floor.

Open the door and enter.
You are now in the fire-place room.

Go left and pick up the paper clip.
Go left take the can from the shelf.
Take the can from the shelf.  (The door on the right goes to the foyer)
Go left and left, back to the fireplace.

Enter the opening in the wall.
You are now in the dining room.

Take the plastic doll part from the table.
Enter the door, then pick up the razor blade.
Go left and pick up the plunger.
Go right, back, back to the fireplace room.

Go right to the pram

Zoom in on the pram
Use the blade to cut the inside then take the plastic arm.

Go right, then exit this room back to the foyer.
Go up stairs

Enter the bathroom (first door on the left)
Take the fabric cloth from the sink.

Zoom in on the bath
Use the plunger to get the water out
Take the plastic head.

Exit the bathroom.

Enter the last room.

Take the pliers.

Enter the second room.
Take the small key from the bed.
Zoom in on the rat in the cage.
Use the pliers to get the plastic arm.

Zoom in on the paperclip
Use the pliers to bend it.

Go down stairs
Open the door and enter.

Go to the dining room on the right.
Zoom in on the left painting.
Unlock using the key.
Take the necklace.

Zoom in on the tin of silver polish.
Open the lid
Use the cloth on the polish to damp it.

Zoom in on the necklace
Use the damp cloth on it

With the tarnish gone, look at the code:  left = 1, top = 2, bottom = 2, right = 3.

Go out, and back to the foyer, up the stairs.
Enter the last room.
Go right
Open the coffin using the code from the necklace.  Click the red dots so that left = 1, top = 2, right = 3, bottom = 2.

Take the dress.

Go to the middle room.
Go left
Open the red chest using the bent paper clip

Take the plastic leg.

Now that you have all the plastic parts, zoom in on them.
Assemble the doll
Add the dress

The doll is not complete!

Go right and give the doll to the ghost.
If she is not there, go out and come back in.

She will hand you a key.

Go downstairs and enter the fire place room.
Zoom in on the fire place.
Use the key to unlock the secret door.

Enter the fireplace to win the game!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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