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Plumber Pickle Walkthrough

Plumber Pickle Walkthrough
Plumber Pickle Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve Plumber Pickle.  A point-and-click room escape game from Pastel Games.

Plumber Pickle Walkthrough Starts Here:

Objective 1: Find and fix the leakage

You start in the kitchen, at the dripping tap.

You start with a spanner wrench and a plunger.
Take the pink plate.
Take the pincers from the drawer
Take the soap from the cupboard under the sink.
Use the plunger on the sink to get the brass key.

Go left to the front door.
After we fixed the leak we will come back here to break the door open to escape...

Take the woman's hat.
Take the small vase.

Go left to the dining room

Take the flower from the jacket
Take the table cloth.

Go left to the fridge

Open the fridge and take a beer.
Open the deep-freeze compartment then use the pincers to take the freon can
Take the hamburger from the left cupboard.  This is difficult, but possible, if you already moved the fridge as per the next step.
Plug in the fridge to get it to move a bit

Enter the plumbing hole

(Hint: To go back, click at the bottom of the window)

Zoom in on the top of the wagon, then take the horn
Zoom in on the brown door, then use the brass key to open.


Read the Lunch Break sign above the table:
Beer + Flower + plate + food

Put the table cloth on the table.
Put the vase on the table
Put the flower in the vase
Put the pink plate on the table
Put the beer on the table
Put the sandwich burger in the plate

Time for lunch break
(Hint: I click on the Lunch poster and the back out to get the following scene)

Go back out to the wagon.
The miner will be busy eating...

Now you can... Go right

Zoom in on the pink bath
Add the soap

Take the mask

Go forward
Use the horn to awaken the green man

He is pointing to the work safely sign... so
Give the mask to the green man.  He also need a hard hat...

Go left to his wife...

Give her the woman's hat

Take the hard hat, the cable and the sprinkle bottle

Go right

Give the green man the hard hat
(Now he is safe!)

Attach the cable to the machine
Now he will fix the leak with the welding machine.

Objective 1 solved!

Objective 2: Find a way out

Combine the freon can with the sprinkle bottle
Go to the front door of the house
Use the sprinkle bottle on the broken lock
The lock will break and the door will open:


You have solved the plumber pickle problem.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough


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