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Welldone Room Escape Walkthrough

Welldone Room Escape Walkthrough
Welldone Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve this point-and-click room escape game.  Detailed explanations provided that will help you solve and understand all the puzzles in the game.  Tips and hints provided.

About Welldone Room Escape:  A  free online point and click room escape game from Ena Games. It's a great challenge for you, search for the available clues and objects and try to escape from there. Lets see how good are you in this escape game. Good luck and have fun!   Game available online from Ena Games.  This is the 9th escape game from enagames.com.  Assume someone has locked you inside this house... you need to escape... alive!  Well Done Room Escape is a medium-difficult room escape game.

Welldone Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You begin in the playroom with the toy robot.

Zoom in on the rocking horse and take 3 pink balls.
Zoom in on the mirror and take 3 pink balls.
Zoom in on the robot's head and take 3 pink balls.
Zoom in on the center of the yellow slide, open the compartment, and take 3 pink balls.
Zoom in on the flower pot and take 2 pink balls.  You should now have 14 pink balls.

Open the top right pink frame to get a brown snake puzzle piece.
Zoom in on the blue house on the wall, open the front door, and take a red snake puzzle piece.
Zoom in on the white-and-red cone on the carpet, move the top, and take a purple puzzle piece.

Look down at the yellow-brown-purple-blue-green- worm.
Insert the brown- and red snake puzzle pieces:
Take the key.

Open the yellow locker on the wall using the key.

Take the magnifying glass.

Look at the 3 colored stars on the wall: Blue, Red, Orange

Solve the brown math puzzle on the wall.

The center number for each square = the sum of the top 2 multiplied by the sum of the bottom 2.
So the answer is 68.   Change the center answer to 68 and hit OK.

2      4      9     4      4       6
    32          68             59
8      3      9     4       5       7

Take the brown teddy piece.

Go right to the bedroom.

Zoom in on the small chair and take 3 pink balls.
Take 3 pink balls from inside the beige drawer.
Take 3 pink balls from the pink frame on the shelf.
Move the pillow on the bed and get 3 pink balls.  (Now on 26 pink balls)

Open the blue drawer from the table in the center and get a brown teddy piece.

Get a purple puzzle piece from the books on the shelf.
Open the pink drawer under the bed and take the roll of paper.
Open the yellow drawer under the lamp and get a purple puzzle piece.

Solve the 1-15 sliding puzzle on the wall above the bed.
Hint: Do the 1st and 2nd rows.  Then for the last 2 rows, solve column-by-column from left to right.

Take the scissors.

Go right to the green room.

Take 3 pink balls from the red toy car on the carpet.
Take 3 pink balls from the pink toy on the shelf.
Take 3 pink balls from the beige square shelf.
Take 3 pink balls from the flower on the TV
Take 3 pink balls from the painting above the door.  (Tally: 41 pink balls)

Open the green locked drawer.
Set the stars as per the colors you saw in the start room:  Blue, Red, Orange

Take the brown teddy piece.

Open the green puzzle compartment on the wall.
Change the 2 zero's to 3 and 8.  (These are the missing 2 numbers from 0 to 9)

Tale the teddy puzzle piece.

Zoom in on the purple puzzle piece.  Add all 3:

Solve the !
The answer is 17.
For each triangle, you multiply 2 numbers and add the 3rd.   E.g: 8*3+6 = 30; 7*4+21 = 49.
And then 3 * 5 + 17 = 32

Go left to the bedroom.
Open the white locker using the code 17:

Take the last 3 pink balls.  (44 pink balls)

Go left.
Zoom in on the abacus
Add all the pink balls.

You will get the code: 59

Study the white rolled up paper:

You will see the 59 will give you EI

Go right to the bedroom.
Open the yellow locked drawer with the code EI then click OK
Take the last brown teddy piece.

Go right to the green room.
Zoom in on the 2 teddy bears.  Give the right teddy his ear, nose, arm, and feet.

The left teddy will hand you the present.  Take the present.

Zoom in on the present.
Use the scissors to cut open.
Take the old brass key from inside.

Zoom in on the airplane on the floor.
Use the old brass key to wind it up.

The plane will take off.
Take the white note.

Read the note.... You cant see anything!
Use the magnifying glass on the note.
Now you will get the pattern:

Star, hexagon, square, lying box, circle

Zoom in on the door.
Change the 5 red patterns as per the note:

Click OK.

Well done on a very good escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you.
    I had a sleepless night. Could not locate the last 3 pink balls! Thank you for the help in the walkthrough. Now i can sleep again in peace.

    God Bless.

  2. Hi Andre.
    You made a typing mistake with the brown maths puzzle. Your answer is correct but:
    The center number is the sum of multiplication of the top row with the multiplication of the bottom row. Thank you for the solution.

    1. Thank you Math Wizard. I saw the same issue and was wondering why the 68 worked. This is a great walkthrough and great comments. Thank you for the combined effort.