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Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough
Naughty Kids Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with detailed instructions on how to solve the Naughty Kids Room Escape game.  Tips and hints provided in this guide with all the explanations to solve all the in-game puzzles in this point-and-click room escape game.

About Naughty Kids Room Escape:
The 420th escape game from 123bee.com. Little kids were playing Hide and Seek game, a small boy went, to hide in a house but even after long time no one came to find him. When he tried to come out, the door was locked.Help the boy to escape from this house using your keen ideas and tricks. Have fun!

Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:  

The game starts in the lounge.

Take the hammer from the fire place.

Go left to the kiddy bedroom.

Take the green screwdriver from the top left cupboard shelf.
Take the round box from the shelf on the right under the clock.
Zoom in on the box, open it, and take the key.

Open the bottom left drawer with the key.
See the code 837

Go right and right again to the master bedroom.

Open the top right drawer next to the bed, then take the golden key.
Open the bottom right drawer and take the cable.
Open the closet with the code 837.

Take the monitor.

Go right to the pink bedroom.

Take the CPU / computer from the desk.

Open the left locked cupboard door using the screwdriver and then the hammer.

Take the flower and the RAM

Open the locked drawer on the right with the golden key.

Open then take the book.
Open the book, then flip the pages until you get to the CD you can take out.

Zoom in on the CPU/Computer.
Turn it around
Open the side panel
Insert the RAM
Close the cover

Put the CPU/Computer back on the desk.
Put the monitor next to the CPU.
Connect the cable from the CPU to the screen.
Switch the PC on.
Windows 7 will boot.

Open the CD tray and insert the CD.
You will get this screen:

This is the exit code:
Petals, Packman, Triangles, Square.

So zoom in on the flower, open up the petals and count them: 6
Zoom in on the box:  There are 2 packmans, 2 triangles, 1 square.
So the code is 6221

Go to the front door.
Open the door with the code 6221.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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