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The Curse Valentine Walkthrough

The CURSE... Valentine Walkthrough levels 1 to 10

The CURSE has brought out 10 new puzzles to celebrate Valentines Day.

Here is the walkthough to solve these new puzzles.

To play the Valentine puzzles, you need an update for The Curse.  
Then, on the Contents Menu, select the envelope at the bottom:

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 1 Walkthrough: Tangram #1 - easy

This was a really easy "reconstruct the silhouette" and should not 
give you any difficulties.

The solution:

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 2 Walkthrough: Riddle #1 - Easy

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Now add a daffodil,
And answer this clue.

Well, roses are red, violets are blue, and daffodils are yellow.
If you mix red and blue and yellow, you get brown.

Solution: BROWN.

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 3 Walkthrough: Match-It #1 - Medium

Unfortunately for this one you are on your own.
Find the matching heart, tap it, and solve level 3.

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 4 Walkthrough - Tangram #2 - Medium

I struggled to solve level 4 "Reconstruct the silhouette".  I think there is a bug.
I found a couple of correct solutions that did not work here:


or, the one that solved this level:

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 5 Walkthrough: Riddle #2 - Medium


The word ELBOW will provide your answer...

The solution:


The Curse Valentine Puzzle 6 Walkthrough: Burn the rope #1 - Hard

Here is my solution for Burn The Rope.  I started at the bottom of the heart:

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 7 Walkthrough: Solitaire #1 - Hard

Jump and clear but one stone!
or rather
Jump and clear but one heart.

Here is the final move!

I have created a separate post with the full solution

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 8 Walkthrough: Sliding Blocks #1 - Hard

Remove the Heart block.

I have created a separate post with the solution.

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 9 Walkthrough - Tangram #3 = Hard

Here is a possible solution for the last "Reconstruct the silhouette" puzzle:

The Curse Valentine Puzzle 10 Walkthrough: Match-It #2 - Hard

Again, I cannot assist you here.
Just tap the matching circle-full-of-hearts:

You have solved all 10 puzzles!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. thx, for posting this walkthrough.
    i'm still waiting for solitaire solution.. :)

    1. Refresh! Solitaire solution is there. :-)
      You were 15 minutes too early.

      Glad you enjoy my guides and walkthroughs!

      Have a happy day!

    2. thank you very much, I finally managed to solve all 10 puzzles

  2. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  3. how could you do the hard tangram??? damn! Thank you!... do you know any other games like this? love them! thanks for your reply!

  4. I have done every one except puzzle 7 and its pissing me off.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. plz tell me whre i can get this valentine game

    1. Download the game "The Curse". I got it from the Google Play Store for my Android. The Valentine is an update to the original The Curse.

  7. For those of you having trouble with the Match-It puzzles, you can always take a screenshot, pause the game and then examine the picture you just took to figure out the correct one in time.