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100 Safes
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100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 1 to 10

100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 1 to 10

Here is the walkthrough with solutions, answers, tips, tricks and cheats
on how to solve all the levels of 100 Floors!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 1
Just tap

100 Floors Solution Level 1
To solve level 1, just tap the lift button.
The door will open.
Now, tap the green arrow.
Level 1 of 100 Floors solved!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 2

100 Floors Solution Level 2
Drag the white cabinet out of the way.
It will reveal a green button.
Pick up the green button,
Use the green button and put it above the red button.
Tap the green button to open the door.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 3
Tilt left Tilt right

100 Floors Solution Level 3

Tilt your device to the left, then to the right.
Doors will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 4
Drag the black doors

100 Floors Solution Level 4

Drag both doors simultaneously open.
(Drag the left door left and drag the right door to the right)

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 5

100 Floors Solution Level 5
Tilt your device forward and back for the ladder to fall.
Tap green arrow to exit level 5.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 6
Bronze door with plants.

100 Floors Solution Level 6

Move the plant on the right out of the way.
Tap all 4 "sun" button.
Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 7
Red button

100 Floors Solution Level 7
Tap the red button and the door will open.
Tilt your device so the rock slides down onto the red button.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 8

100 Floors Solution Level 8

Move all the fruit out of the way until you see the banana
Pick up the banana then feed it to the baboon

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 9
Black and white

100 Floors Solution Level 9
Tap the 4 circles in the middle so that each circle matches the small circle close to it.
Each circle has an inside and outside circle.
Both needs to match.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 10
Sleeping snake

100 Floors Solution Level 10

Shake your device to awaken the snake.
Snake will sail away.
Now slide the arrow from top to point to open the door.

Floors 1 to 10 solved!

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