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100 Missions Las Vegas: Gambling Hall Walkthrough

100 Missions Las Vegas: Gambling Hall Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough and solution for Mission 17 of 100 Missions Las Vegas.

Mission 17 - Gambling Hall Walkthrough
Your guide to the solution.

After Greed's death Miguel is our only clue
to the trojan horse project.
Do not let him escape with the file we need.

You start at the 3 Ace's Gambling Hall with the vending machines on your left.

You do not have any coins yet, so 
tap behind the vending machine to walk forward.

You are in the main hallway.
Take the door on your left to the fountain.

Go right the roulette room.

On your right is the roulette table.
Above the roulette table is the slot machines.
The door in front of you leads to the DJ room.

Look on the roulette table.
Move the glass and take the napkin-note.
The number 2794 is written on it.

Go back, then open the DJ Room door by using the keypad with the code 2794.

At the left, at the DJ equipment, pick up the coins.
There is an ordinary key on the table, take it.

At the light switches, switch on the Poker Room.

Go back to the main hall and go right to the Poker Room.

(If it is dark here, go back to DJ room and switch on the Poker Room Lights)

Zoom in on the top left table.
There are some poker cards and poker chips.  
Tap the top cards and you will find a plastic credit card.

Go back to the DJ Room and switch on the lights to the Slot Machines.

Go to the Roulette table and zoom in on the slot machines just above it.

Insert the coin.

Select 3 eagles and you will win some gold coins.

Go back to the start room at the vending machines.

Use the gold coins in the coin slots.
 another lighter in my endless journey.
Quick chocolate snack.

In your inventory, double tap the chocolate bar to get a foil
Use the foil on the credit card.

Go to the DJ Room and switch on the lights at the Bar.
Go to the main hall.

Use the ordinary key and unlock the brown door with 2 silver stripes that leads to the BAR.

Go left to the bar.

On the bar counter is a towel. Take it.
Take the scotch whiskey.

In your inventory, use the towel on the whiskey to make an explosive mix.

Go to the main hall and forward to the center door which leads to the guard.
Use the lighter on the explosive mix.

Use the pass-card on the door scanner.
Use the explosive mix on the door.

When you enter, use the explosive mix on Miguel.
Take the top secret file on him.

Go out and back into the bar.
Go to the bar counter. 
Exit is to the right of the bar counter.

This mission was a hard call, but you did well, Agent!

Well done on solving 100 Mission Las Vegas: Mission 17 - Gambling Hall
Hope these tips and tricks and answers assisted you to guide you through the difficult parts of Mission 17.

Now we await the next release in the 100 Missions series.

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