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100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 81 to 90

100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 81 to 90

Walkthrough with detail solution, answers, tips, tricks 
and cheats to solve 100 Floors.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 81
Plus, Multiply, 6

100 Floors Solution Door 81
You need to do some maths to get to the answer 81 (this is floor 81 after all!)
You have PLUS, MULTIPLY, and SIX to your disposal.  The number 81 is not dividable by 6, so turn your device around to make the 6 a NINE.

You will notice that each button can be used only once, so you cannot get by 81 with 9+9+9+9+..etc
But, using simple Grade 4 maths, we can get to 81 with 9x9.
So with your device upside down, use any 9 x 9 and press =

If this is not working, then make sure your device is perfectly straight upside down.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 82
Dragon Eye

100 Floors Solution Door 82
Tap around the bottom right to get the missing eye piece.
Use this eye piece and insert into the hole to the left of the other green "eye".

The left "eye" should point the 9 o'clock
and the right eye to 4 o'clock
--> The 2 dials is pointing to the feet of the dragon.

This will open a secret panel with a lever inside.
Pick up the lever.
Use the lever on the door to win this level.

(The "use the lever on the door to win" is porbably a bug.
I see you should actually insert the lever into the hole bottom right of the door.
Then pull the lever and while holding it, use your other hand to tap the green button)

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 83
Colorful shapes Tangram

100 Floors Solution Door 83
To solve door 83, you need to move the various shapes and place them in the center square.
If you struggle to solve this tangram puzzle, then here is my solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 84
Blue and Red

100 Floors Solution Door 84
Solve this puzzle by getting the right color combinations.

Purple triangle: Tap with 3 fingers all 3 buttons at the same time.
If correct, you will see 1 light at the ceiling going purple.
Red line: Tap the red button.
You will see a red light turning on.
Blue Plus: Tap both blue buttons simultaneously.
A blue light will go on.
Purple triangle: Same as the previous purple triangle.
Purple light goes on and the door opens!

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 85
21331112 Candles

100 Floors Solution Door 85
Hint: Light and defuse the candles as per the code above the door

Use your burning stick and light candles 2,1 then 3 (1 is left most candle)
De-select the stick and tap candles 3 and 1 to defuse them.
Burn candle 1
Defuse candle 1 then 2.

Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 86

100 Floors Solution Door 86
You need to adjust the clock starting at number 11 and work your way through to the number 12.
Tap the number, then notice the direction the number is turning.

11 turns counter-clockwise, so adjust the clock to 11 o'clock.
5 turns clockwise, so clockwise to 5.
1 turns clockwise
8 turns anti-clockwise
12 turns clockwise.

If correct, the door will open!

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 87

Sleeping brown bear

100 Floors Solution Door 87
Shake your device to waken the bear
Drag him to the left to reveal a button.
You need to wait before he dozes off again before
you can press the button to exit floor 87.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 88
Top Hats

100 Floors Solution Door 88
Drag the top left hat down all the way.
The top right hat needs to be tapped so that it points upwards.
Drag the middle right hat out.
Drop the ball into the top right hat.

Ball will do the trick and open door 88.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 89
Forrest Fruits
 Si Se Tw
On Fi Ni
Ei Th Fo

100 Floors Solution Door 89

To open this door, tap
Se, Si, Ni, Fi, Fo.

Why these letters and that order?  -->
These are the first 2 letters of numbers
Notice the arrow on the right of the door pointing upwards,
so start with the coconut at the bottom and count the letters in the name of the fruit
(coconut = Seven) and finish with the pear (Four) at the top.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 90
Star formation

100 Floors Solution Door 90
You need to turn on all 7 lights.
If you have the first 6 on, switch on the 7th by tapping the
bigger blue circle in the top right above the door.

Here is a possible sequence:
Then tap the "secret" blue button .

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