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Forest Camp Escape Walkthrough

Forest Camp Escape Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough, solution, answers,
hints, tips, and a guide on how to
Forest Camp Escape

"A group of scientist camp in the forest for research work,
but the group gets back leaving behind one of them...
Help him to escape from there by finding
the clues and objects."
(Pardon the grammar mistakes, but this is a direct quote from the game)

You start at your tent at the trees.

Hint: To zoom out, tap the bottom center of the screen.

Pick up the hammer to the bottom left of the tent.
Pick up the 4 nails at the bottom of the tent.
Pick up the tin can  at the right under the tree.
Pick up the shovel on the right behind the tree.

Enter the tent.

Take the backpack

Climb out of the tent.

Zoom in on the ground at the bottom right end of the tent.
Use the shovel and dig on the ground.
You will see an anchor, so pick it up.

Look in your inventory at the compass.
Take the bow part from the compass.

Look in your inventory at the backpack.
Use the bow part to unlock the padlock.

Open the backpack and take the pliers.
Unzip the big front compartment and take the Stanley knife cutter.

Look at the front of the tent,
then use the Stanley knife cutter to cut the ropes.

Pick up the rope and also the other rope.

Look in your inventory at the rope, then join with the other rope.
Join the anchor to the rope.

Go forward in the direction of the boat.

Behind the tree on your left there is a paddle that you should take.

Go forward to zoom in on the boat.
Use the anchor rope on the boat.

Pull the boat in.
Pull again and then click on the boat.

The boat is leaking.

Look in your inventory at the can
Then use the pliers to cut it into a usable shape.

Take the tin sheet.

Zoom in on the boat so you see a single hole.
Use the tin sheet to cover the hole:
Use the 4 nails to secure the tin.
Use the hammer to fasten them.

You will see the scientist in the boat.
Use the paddle on him.

Great Escape.

You have escaped the forest camp.

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