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100 Floors Walkthrough - Floors 61 to 70

100 Floors Walkthrough - Levels 61 to 70

Walkthrough with detailed solution to every floor.  Help, Hints, Tips, and all the answers you need.  If you are stuck, this guide will get you to open each door!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 61
Grey Clock

100 Floors Solution Level 61
The time on the big clock is half-pass 6.
You need to use the 6 partial numbers to build a LCD 1830 at the top.

1: Drag the I to the first block
8: Drag the F and the reversed-L to the second block.
3: Drag the 3 to the 3rd block
0: Drag the remaining L and 7 to the top right block.

If you have the 1830 in the LCD display, then the door will open for you.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 62
Green wires

100 Floors Solution Level 62
Use the machete and cut the red wire on the speaker box lower left.
There will not be only 1 green line.

Press the left button until the green line as at the upper circle.
Press the right button until the other side of the green line is at the top.
Door will open if green line is horizontal above the door.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 63
White rock with 2 red buttons

100 Floors Solution Level 63
Tilt your device so that the rock slide to the left. Keep it on the left button.
Look at the pattern at the top, and replicate it on the 25 squares - mirror image as per below:

If correct, the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 64
Eye through the magnifier

100 Floors Solution Level 64
Tap the pupil of the eye in the magnifying glass.
Now turn it clockwise around-and-round.
You will see the green bar growing.
As soon as the bar is full, the door will open.

Level 64 solved!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 65
Sprinkler system

100 Floors Solution Level 65
Pick up the brown ball
Insert the ball at the bottom of the tube, left of the door.
Use the burning wood on the sprinkler.
The water will spray and fill the room.
The ball will rise and hit the button to open the door.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 66
Hook and Spikes

100 Floors Solution Level 66
Pick up the stick in the spikes, lower left on the screen.
Use the stick to get the hook-and-rope.
Use the hook-and-rope on the door handle
Pull the rope down (drag it with you finger from the hook downwards)
Door will be pulled down and open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 67
Flower Door

100 Floors Solution Level 67

Tap the white flower.
Use the flower pot to catch the seed.
If you miss, tap the flower again for another one.

Move the pot with seed to under the tap.
Open the tap to give it water.
Move it right to get sunlight.

Flower will grow and the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 68
Crate on a rope

100 Floors Solution Level 68
Pick up the silver star from the floor.
Press and hold the lever, when the crate is at the top,
quickly grab the red wooden square below it.

Press the lever again and when the crate is at the top,
use the silver star and put it in the star-hole.

Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 69

100 Floors Solution Level 69
Press the white light to make it fall
Now press the Nemo clown fish behind the grass on the right.
You need to get the fish to swim into the light to win this one.
Get your timing right!  Might take a couple of tries to get right.
Once Nemo hit the light, it will land on top of the octopus.
The octopus will leave and expose a drain.
Water will drain.

Use machete to clear the door.
Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 70
Room1 ... Room6... Room Alien

100 Floors Solution Level 70

You need to get to Room 11 (the space ship) to solve this one.
From room 1, use Left and Right as follows:

The reasoning for this level:

Current Room ,  Left Room,   Right Room
1     5     2
2   10   7
3   9   10
4   8   1
5   2  7
6   1   11
7   3   5
8   2   6
9   1   4
10   2   5

So, to get to room 11 you need to go right from room 6.
To get to room 6, you need to right from room 8.
To get to room 8, you need to go left from room 4.
To get to room 4, you need to go right from room 9
To get to room 9, you need to go left from room 3.
To get to room 3, you need to go left from room 7.
To get to room 7, you need to go right from room 2.
To get to room 2, you need to go left from room 5.
To get to room 5, you need to go left from room 1 (the start room).

So from the bottom up: LLRLLRLRR

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