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100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 11 to 20

100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 11 to 20

Full walkthrough with detail solutions and answers to all the levels.
Your guide to solve 100 Floors!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 11
2 silver balls

100 Floors Solution Level 11
Tilt your device so that both balls are in the center.
Keep them there for a few seconds.
You will see the 3 top light lightning up.
As soon as all 3 are yellow, the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 12
Red Door

100 Floors Solution Level 12
Tap the red buttons, but do it as fast as possible,
You can do the left on first and keep trying till the ball at the top turns green.
Then do the same with the right-hand side.
(No need to try to press the 2 buttons simultaneously)

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 13
Brick Door

100 Floors Solution Level 13
Shake the device so that the hammer falls out.
Pick up the hammer
Use the hammer a couple of times to smash through the brick door.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 14
Hand Sensor

100 Floors Solution Level 14
Press and hold the green hand sensor
Keep holding until all 5 lights above the door turns green.
Door will open.
Level 14 solved!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 15
Code 1 to 9

100 Floors Solution Level 15
Look at the code above the door.
Each symbol represents a part of the Hash (#) on the door.
_| = the top left corner = 1
[ = the middle right = 6
] = middle left = 4
L = top right = 3

SO tap 1 6 4 3

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 16

100 Floors Solution Level 16
Pick up the screwdriver
Use the screwdriver and unscrew the 4 screws.
Lift the plate
You will see an upside-down tree.
Turn your device upside-down so the tree stands correctly.
Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 17
Silver ball and blue buttons

100 Floors Solution Level 17
Look at the door for the sequence.
Look closely at the lines and if they are left or right.
This is the sequence in which you need the silver ball to press the blue buttons.
Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 18

100 Floors Solution Level 18
There are 5 blue square buttons that each light up for a few seconds when you press it.
You need to have all 5 lighten up at the same time.
So be quick and tap all 5 in succession.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 19
Spider web

100 Floors Solution Level 19
Pick up the red rag from the ground.
Use that red rag on the spider web to take it away.
Use the red rag to clean bot doors.
Door will open once it is clean enough.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 20

100 Floors Solution Level 20
Pick up the screw from the floor.
Move the repair sign to the right.
Insert the screw at the bottom-right.
Use the screwdriver to tighten it.
Door will open.

Level 11 to 20 solved!

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