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Escape the Bedroom Walkthrough

Escape the Bedroom!
Tips & hints

This is a room-escape game where you start in the bedroom and needs to escape.  
This guide will assist you to solve this game.

You start in a room with a single bed and bedside table.

Look at the pillow.
Lift the pillow and take the ice pick.

Go right.

There is a open closet.
At the base of the closet is a trunk.  We need a 8-digit code to open it.
Will come back later.

Go right.

A mini kitchen.

Look in the dustbin then zoom some more in to get a key

On top of the fridge, look at the cocoa puffs box to read a note:

"If you get hungry, just sing the song below...
By Frankie

When I was seventeen,
It was a very good year...
It was a very good year for small town girls
And soft summer nights
We'd hide from the lights
On the village green
When I was seventeen"

-- Look closely at the note and notice that 17 or seventeen get repeated --

So look at the fridge and open with 17.
(17 in Roman Numerals = XVII)

Use the ice pick on the ice
Get another key.

Go right again.

The foot of the bed.
There is a vacuum cleaner but it is in need of an Allen Key.

Go right again: Start Location.

Use the key you found from the ice to unlock the drawer.
Open then take the leaf key.

Go back to the foot-end of the bed.
Use the leaf key to unlock the door.

Go out and look at the box.

You will see the number 
4 8 9 
 1 0 3
on it.

Go left
Use the ice pick to open the plastic bag.
Take the gear from the bag.

Go back.
Use the green key to open the green warehouse door.

Go forward and pick up the yellow gloves.

Go to the electric fence.
Use the gloves to retrieve the Allen key from the sign.

Enter the bedroom and go to the vacuum cleaner.
Use the Allen Key on it.
Retrieve the coin.

Go back to the warehouse.
Enter and go forward until you see a red toolbox.  Zoom in on it.
Use the coin in the coin slot.
Take the pipe wrench.

Go back then right.
Forward to the stereo amp against the wall.
Its a Marshall Amp.

If you zoom in on the amp you will get the notice:
"hmm, "Marshall' seems to fit in somewhere"

Go to the open closet in the bedroom.
Open the trunk.
Use the code "marshall" to open.

Get the magnet.

Go back to the warehouse.
Zoom in on the big red fire extinguisher.
Use the wrench to take the top off.
Use the magnet-on-a-string on the top.
You will retrieve a key.

In the warehouse, close to the amp, there is a door blocking the stairs.
Use this new key to unlock.

Go up stairs.

Enter the room on the right.

Go forward and on the cabinet there is a numerical lock.
Use the number from the crate to open:

Open and get another gear.

Go downstairs and look at the silver briefcase next to the amp.
Use the 2 gears in your inventory on next to "open".
Open the briefcase
Get the green key

Go back upstairs
Use the green key to open the green safe.
You will get a rusty key.

Go out of this room
Look at the gray door.

Use the rusty key on the door

"The exit is nearby"

You escaped the rooms!


  1. MY 9 YEAR OLD GRANDSON DID THIS BY HIMSELF, and I have to use the cheats....lol thanks for the help

  2. "There is a open closet.
    At the base of the closet is a trunk. We need a 8-digit code to open it.
    Will come back later."

    So what's the combination for the trunk? What's inside the trunk?

  3. That's marshall. I just try to guess it by clicking all the possible alphabet and i found like a magnet. Try it. :)

  4. I just love this game...and playing it once isn't enough. I can't remember all of the sequences so it is a brain challenge to play again and again.

  5. kinda hard but its to small game i was expecting like atleast few levels. its 3 of 10 stars for me.

  6. The 8 letter is Marshall that is been written on music system. I find it

  7. There is a open closet.
    At the base of the closet is a trunk. We need a 8-digit code to open it. So the code are Marshall....

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