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Quick Escape Office Walkthrough

Quick Escape Office Walkthrough

This is also the 3rd episode in the quick-escape series???
A room-escape game where you need to solve puzzles to get keys.
Once you have all the keys, you can escape the office.
Quick Escape Office - by Mobest Media.

This guide will give you the full solution and walkthrough to solve
Quick Escape Office

This escape game should take you less than 30 minutes to solve!

You start in your office
"Too much work here... I need to escape!"

Zoom in on the binders.

Take the 1st key from the top binder in the ring.
Notice the order of the binders: 1,3,2,4

Look behind the plant to pick up an ink cassette.

Go right to the computer.

Zoom in on the screen.

"I have a sense that I should smash this monitor..."
Shake your device a couple of times,
the monitor will start to crack
then crack some more.
Eventually you will see the 2nd key inside the monitor. Take it.

Take the ink cassette to the bottom right of the monitor.

Zoom out.
Zoom in on the plant and take another ink cassette.

Go 2 screens to your right.

This is the room with the exit door.
Tap the painting and solve it by rotating each piece to orientate it correctly.
Once solved, take the 3rd key sticking out top right.
(If you battle with the painting, start with the man's face)

Go to the room with the white flip-chart.

Tap the white balls to the left of the phone.

Use the code from the binders (1,3,2,4) to solve.
Row1: make the 1st ball black, others white.
Row2: Make the 3rd ball black, others white
Row3: Make the second ball black, others white
Row4: Make the 4th ball black, others white.

Or see here for the Black/White pattern you need:

If correct, you will get the 4th key.

Look at the flip chart.  In the top right corner, take the last ink cassette.

Zoom in on the printer.

Load all the ink cassettes.
If you loaded them all, the printer will print the code 872 for you.
The 8 = orange, 7 = green, 2 = red.

Look at the monitor.
You will see the graph showing 5749

Zoom in on the flip chart again.
Use the code 5749 and you will get the 5th key.

Go to the start screen and zoom in on the frame puzzle.
Use the code from the printer, notice the colors
Use the code 7 2 8.
You will now get the 6th and final key.

Go to the exit door (next to the painting puzzle).
Zoom in on the door.

Load all 6 keys.
Door will open.

You just escaped the office!

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