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100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 91 to 100

100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 91 to 100

Walkthrough with detail solution for every level.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 91
Mosaic window

100 Floors Solution Door 91
Pick up the paintbrush bottom right.
Use the paintbrush and paint around the bottom right of the white/blue mosiac tiles.
This will reveal the number 16.
This number 16 is a hint: we are on level 91 and 91 upside down is 16.
Tap in and around number 16 so that middle tiles get color.

Now use the hint above and make a reversed-mirror image of the colors above it.

Correct solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 92
Eye test arrows

100 Floors Solution Door 92

There are letters on the left, and W/E's in all directions on the right.
Each letter has a corresponding W on the right.
So find the letters O, P, E, N and look for the direction of the W, E, 3 or M.

The compass tells you the N is top right.


O is W (Upwards)
P is M (Downwards)
E is W (Upwards)
N is E (Rightwards)

So, adust the 4 arrows as follows:
Up Right
Up Down

Sign will go green and door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 93
Timer 93

100 Floors Solution Door 93

Left is 9 and right is 3.
Press the red button below the door and hold it for the same
 number of seconds as indicated on the door.
If you do it right, the door will stay lit when you release the button.
So tap and hold the red button for 9 seconds under the 9.
Then tap and hold the red button under door 3 for 3 seconds.

If both are correct, the door will open up.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 94
6 lights

100 Floors Solution Door 94

You will notice the number 11 at the top, and some hints of roman numerals.
So, to win level 94, you need to create an 11 in Roman Numerals.
That will be XI

Adjust the 2 light on the top left and 2 lights on the bottom left to make an X.
Adjust the right most top and bottom light to make a line for the I.

Of correct, the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 95
9 Yellow dots.  8 / 26

100 Floors Solution Door 95

If you tap a button it will go from Yellow to Blue to Green then back to Yellow.

There are 26 letters in the Alphabet with letter 8 = H
So, make a letter H on its side.

You need to make the top row green.
Center button green
Bottom row green.

Here is the solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 96
Rock Tetris

100 Floors Solution Door 96

You need to will the space with the tetris blocks.
You can rotate a piece by tapping it.

Here is a possible solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 97

Blue Balloon

100 Floors Solution Door 97

Pop the balloon with the machete. Pick up the paper the drops from it.
Use paper at the top on top of the paper in the center.
This will reveal (735,    )
Where the balloon used to be, you will see the hint: (30,235)

On the door you will see a factoral tree.
The prime factors of 30 is 2,3 and 5
The prime factors of 735 is 3,5,7,7

So enter number 3577 at the bottom.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 98
49063 = 46665

100 Floors Solution Door 98

There is a hidden number at the lower left.
Use the brush to make it visible.
You will see number 51782.

For the 49063 = 46665,
Count the LCD lines or segments in each of the digits:
The number 4 is made up of 4 lines
number 9 have 6 lines
number 0 have 6 lines
number 6 have 6 lines
number 3 have 5 lines

So the number 51782 will be 52375

So enter 52375 in the big calculator and tap ENTER.

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 99
15 3 3 4 4 5 5

100 Floors Solution Door 99

You need to use the numbers above with mathematical signs to get to the number 15.
Hint: Use your device's volume control to get a + or a - sign.
Use the red buttons below for x, /, and =

The correct solution will be
3 + 3 x 4 = 4 x 5 - 5
(both sides of the = sign equals 15)

100 Floors Walkthrough Level 100
Navigate the seas

100 Floors Solution Door 100

If you drag open the whole map one pic at a time,
you will see 7 rings with 4 bright yellow stars.
The stars are located on rings 1, 3, 5 and 6.
So drag positions 1,3,5 and 6 to solve this puzzle.

Drag the map chart as follows to win this level.

Thats it!
All 100 Floors of the Original 100 Floors Solved!

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  1. My pic's are different to the ones displayed so I'm now stuck on level 94. My pic has to the right an empty bin with the number 2 on it as well as 3 symbol above the lift. Any ideas as to which level this may be on your game? Thanks as i luv this game.