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Quick Escape: Jail - Walkthrough

Quick Escape Jail Walkthrough

The full guide, answers, and solution for the 
first mission in the Quick Escape Series

- Quick Escape Jail-

In this room-escape game, you need to free yourself from the jail cell.
Fairly simple puzzles to be solved to retrieve 6 keys that will unlock your cell door.
This escape game will take you around 30 minutes to complete.
If you are stuck, then this guide will show you the solution.
Happy Escaping!

You start in your prison cell.

Take the cheese from your plate on the table.
Look at the books on the book shelve.  It follows a pattern:
3 1 4 2

Zoom in under the book shelve.
Repeat the books patter on the bricks.
The left column, tap the bottom 3 bricks,
then the next column the bottom brick,
then all 4 bricks,
and lastly tap the bottom 2 bricks.
This will reveal the first key. Take it.

Go right and zoom in on the corner on the spider web.
Take the piece of string.

Zoom back.
Look under the bed.
There is an odd brick.
Move the brick out of the way.  You might have to drag it a few times to the left.
Place the cheese at the hole.
You get your second key. Pick it up.

Look under the pillow of the top bed.  Get the magnet
In your inventory, tie the piece of string to the magnet.

Go left, and 1 more left pass your starting screen.

Look in the sink for the third key.
Look at the calendar (zoom in on it) and notice 13 days are crossed out.  Loong days...

Use the magnet-on-a-string down the toilet to get the 4th key
(you will not see the key, but see the key counter increase in your inventory
and you loose the magnet-on-a-string)

Go left.

Tap the bricks to the left of the jail door.
Tap the bricks from left to right (5, 5, 3) to get to 13 days.
This will reveal the 5th key.

Complete the puzzle to the right of the safe
by turning each block until it is correct.
Once complete you will get the 6th key
(The key will drop to the floor once the puzzle is solved)

Now that you have all 6 keys,
Go to the jail door and zoom in on the door,
Select a key, and tap the main dial on the door.
Repeat for the other 5 keys.

Once done, the jail door will open.
Tap the door again and you escape!

You just escaped the jail!