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100 Floors Walkthrough - Levels 71 to 80

100 Floors Walkthrough - Levels 71 to 80
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floors 71 to 80
100 Floors Walkthrough - Doors 71 to 80

Full walkthrough with detail solution for every floor!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 71
Jin and Jan

100 Floors Solution Level 71
You need to adjust the top 3 blocks to be the negative of the opposite block.
E.g.  Top-left need to be the negative of bottom right - 
where bottom right have a solid line, top left should have a dash-dash line.

See here for my solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 72
Chequered flag!

100 Floors Solution Level 72
Get the racing cars in order.
Less angles rank higher.
So the yellow circle car should be at the finish line.
red triangle second, so move it 1 step down from the yellow circle.
blue square should be 3rd
5-angle car should be 4th
6-angle car should be 5th

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 73
+20 0 +5

100 Floors Solution Level 73
You need to get to number 73.
For each number there is a math equation.
If you want to get the " + 20" then tap the "+20" and swipe to the other side.
If you want to get the "+5", then tap the +5 and swipe to the other side.

Took some time to work it out, but here is the solution:
0 + 20 = 20 (swipe from +20 to the right)
20 * 2 = 40 (swipe right)
40 - 10 = 30 (swipe up)
30 * 3 = 90 (swipe left)
90 / 2 = 45 (swipe down)
45 + 15 = 50 (swipe left)
60 / 4 = 15 (swipe down)
15 * 5 = 75 (swipe right)
75 - 5 = 70 (swipe up)
70 + 3 = 73 (swipe right)


100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 74
SIX Hexagons

100 Floors Solution Level 74
Press the button below the door (the hexagon) and notice the colors as it goes clockwise around.
You need to work out what the colors of the bottom hexagon would be.
(Notice that each color dot will be at every position, except one spot which would be the answer)

Top: yellow
Then clockwise: blue, cyan, red purple, green

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 75
Weights and pulleys

100 Floors Solution Level 75
You need to balance the weights.
All the weights need to go right, except the smallest one on the left.
If correct, the one light will turn green.
Now hold your device upright and the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 76
Wooden puzzle

100 Floors Solution Level 76
Put the 8 squares in their correct position by sliding them around.
Should look like this:

Select the wooden square from your inventory and place in the center

Door will open!

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 77
Circle of lights

100 Floors Solution Level 77
Press the button below the door and notice the number displayed
Then press the green button and hold it down until this number light lights up, then release.
You need to be quick!
Will take some trial and error to get the timing right.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 78
Colorful cubes

100 Floors Solution Level 78
You need to figure out the correct colors of the cube.
Then change the colors on the floor as if this square was folded open.

Here is the solution.  Notice you might have different colors.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 79
Floor puzzle

100 Floors Solution Level 79
Changes the squares to resemble the puzzle on the floor.

Here is the solution:

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 80
Light the torches

100 Floors Solution Level 80
The numbers above the door is written as a mirror image,
So the torches will be number from 1 to 5 from right to left.
Read the numbers above the door also from right to left.
Every dot separates a different set.

First set: 1,3,2
So use the burning wood and light 1 (this will be far right), 3 then 2.
Tap the circle.

Second set: 5,4
So light number 5 (leftmost torch) and 4.
Tap the circle.

3rd Set: 0
Nothing to light, so tap the circle again

4th Set: 5,3
So light number 5 and number 3
Tap the circle.

Door 80 will open!

Levels 71 to 80 solved.
Hope you enjoyed my guide!

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