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100 Safes
100 Safes room escape game

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100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 51 to 60

100 Floors Walkthrough Levels 51 to 60
100 Floors Walkthrough Floors 51 to 60
100 Floors Walkthrough Doors 51 to 60

Walkthrough, detail solution, answers, guide to
100 Floors

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 51

100 Floors Solution Level 51
Tap the the white blocks to make a picture of a sword,
similar to the picture of the sword above the door
same orientation

Somtehing like:


If correct, the door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 52
O Christmas Tree

100 Floors Solution Level 52
Press the snowflake buttons to advance the counters.
Tap the buttons to Christmas.

The answer to level 52 is 1225
(25 December = 12 25)

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 53

100 Floors Solution Level 53
Pull the red hook down to hook onto the crate.
The hook-and-chain will lift the crate and reveal a button.
Press the button to disable the electric fence
Grab the side cutter
Use the side cutter to cut through the fence.
Level solved.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 54
Enter Code

100 Floors Solution Level 54 
Hint: The only important hints on the screen would be enter: CODE and A=01

So convert CODE to numbers.
C = 03
O = 15
D = 04
E = 05

Solution: Enter code 03150405

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 55

100 Floors Solution Level 55
Tilt your device so that the floating tertris shapes together with the static shapes,
fill the whole screen.
If you struggle, search for the light-green T-shape with a darker green bottom block.
This shape goes to the top left.

Door will open once correct.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 56
Flags and numbers (looks like the old windows game - minefield)

100 Floors Solution Level 56
Correct. This is Minefield.
You need to adjust the numbers to represent the number of mines adjacent
(left, right, top, bottom, and on the diagonals)
to the number.
Count the number of Flags touching the number, then correct the number.

If correct, the door will open.
Second row: 3 and 5
Third row: 5
Forth row: 2 and 4

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 57
Hook, button, and ball

100 Floors Solution Level 57
Press and hold the red button until the hook is above the ball.
Pull the hook down to hook unto the ball.
Press the red button and hold it until the ball is in the center of the door.
Press the ball to smash the door.
Repeat to smash a few times more.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 58
Musical notes

100 Floors Solution Level 58
The piece you need to play consist of only 3 notes:
329.6Hz, 293.7Hz, and 261.6Hz
Notes of a higher frequency will be to the right of notes with a lower frequency.

So, 329.6Hz will be the right most white note.  (R)
293.7Hz will be the middle white note. (M)
261.6Hz will be the left-most white note. (L)

So play:

Door will open.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 59
Ice Room

100 Floors Solution Level 59
Pick up the stick and the rock.
Use the rock to break the window (top left) to let the sunshine in.
Adjust the mirror (tap twice) so the light focus on the pile of wood
After a few seconds, the wood will burn.
Use the wood that you picked up on the fire to make it burn.
Use the burning stick on the iced switch to met the ice.
Tap the switch to open door 59.

100 Floors Walkthrough Floor 60

100 Floors Solution Level 60
Use your burning wood to light the two torches on the left and right of the door.
Now tap the drums from left-to-right according to the number of each color on the door.
1st drum (red) 4 times
2nd drum (dark blue) 2 times
3rd drum (white) 1 time
4th drum (light blue) 4 times.

Door will open if you played correctly.

That's it!
Doors 51 to 60 solved of 100 Floors.

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