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100 Safes
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1.0E6'th Visitor!

This week I had my 1 Millionth visitor to my blog!
Thank you all for your continued support.

I am passionate about problem solving and understand the frustrations if you try to solve a puzzle and you know that you are so close to a solution, but just cannot pull it through!  This is where I hope all the puzzle adventurers can come here to find the solution to the last hurdle that prevents them from solving a problem.

Keep trying, keep enjoying, keep solving!

I enjoy writing these walkthrough's and solutions.
I will keep them coming, and keep on to provide not just the answer, 
but the detailed explanation.
All for the love of problem solving.

Cheers, Gesondheid, & A votre santé to the next 1 000 000 visits! 

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