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Quick Escape Bar Walkthrough

Quick Escape Bar Walkthrough

This is the second episode in the Quick Escape series.  Another mission that will take you less than 30 minutes to solve.  If you are stuck or need a guide, read on for the full solution to 
Quick Escape Bar.

This is a room-escape game.

This mission starts inside the bar.  You need to get hold of 6 yellow keys to escape.

"I don't remember what happened, I should quit drinking..."

Zoom into the 3 yellow clocks on the wall.

"I can adjust the 3rd clock..."
Here you need to do some maths (notice the + sign between clock 1 and 2)
So, 03:15 + 07:20 = 10:35.  So adjust clock 3 to 10:35 
by using the H and M buttons above the clock to advance the Hour and Minutes.
Once you reach 10:35 you will see a yellow "tail" sticking out of the clock.
Pick it up, it is your first key.
Zoom out.

There is a table with 3 drinks on it, under the clock.
Zoom in on this table.

Take the ice cubes from the bottom cup.
Zoom out, and go to your right to the bar counter, using the white arrow button.

Pick up the shaker from the top shelve of the bar.

Zoom in on the pitchers on the bar counter on the left-hand side.

"Someone is trying to give me a clue..."
Pick up the sugar cubes.
Have a close look at the fluid levels in each of the pitchers.
Remember the order of height of the fluid levels: 2134.

Zoom out, then zoom into the yellow tap on the right-hand side of the bar.

Pick up the 2nd key, hidden on the yellow pipe close to the last tap.
Look at the different colours of the taps:
dark brown, green, red, yellow

Zoom out and go to your right.

Pick up the green leave from the floor, close to the bar stools.

Zoom in on the wall, just right of the big door.

"Those planks are movable..."
Change the black strips so that it match the water level from the pitchers (2134)
From left to right, tap: 2, 3, 1, 0
This will reveal the 3rd key.

Zoom out, then zoom in on the green planks to the left of the big door.
"I am sure there is logic involved..."
Change the colours so that it match the tap colours:
Dark brown, green, red, white (yellow/white or almost beige)
This will reveal the 4th key.

Zoom out, then go to your right.

Pick up the lime on the top-right corner.
Zoom in on the painting
"Let's fix this!"
A very easy puzzle.  Just tap each piece to rotate it into the correct position. 
Once correct, you will get the 5th key.

Zoom out.
Zoom in on the table.

"Drink recipe? Sure, that's what I need"
Look at the recipe on the table.

In your inventory:
Click the lime and then the shaker.
Click the sugar then the shaker.
Click the ice then the shaker.

Select the shaker, then shake your device a bit.
The shaker and ingredients will turn into a lovely cocktail.

Select the leave and insert into the glass on the table.
Select the cocktail and add to the glass.
This will reveal the 6th key under the blue and yellow bottle.

Zoom out, and go to the big bar door.

Zoom in on the door.
Zoom in so the focus is on the middle ring.

For each key, tap the key then tap the door to insert all 6 of them.
Door will open.

You have just escaped the bar.

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