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Obama Saw Escape Walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game Obama Saw Game.  This game is also called Obama Pigsaw Game.  You can play the Inkagames.com game Obama Saw Game here.  These step by step instructions will help you escape if you are stuck.  It will contain all the help with detailed explanations to the in-game puzzles.  If you need more help than this walkthrough provides, then please ask using the comments section below.   I found this escape game easy and should take you less than 30 minutes to solve.

The Evil puppet Pigsaw has kidnapped Michelle, Sasha, and Malia to force Obama to play a sick game at the White House.  The only choice to get his family back is passing all sick tests of the freaky puppet.  Your objective is to save the presidential family.  This walkthrough will show you how!

Obama Pigsaw Game Walkthrough starts here:
You start the escape adventure from the Oval Office in the White House.  You have 15 minutes to escape this office...

Move the oval carpet to reveal the secret escape hatch... but the hatch mechanism is rusty.

Take the envelope from the desk.
Open the envelope and read the letter from Bush.
Take the magnifying glass and scissors from the desk.

Read the plaque on the desk.  Notice 1855 is highlighted.

Go right.

Use the scissors to cut the spider's web.
Use the magnifying glass on the spider in your inventory.

Look at the arrows for the safe directions:

Go left and zoom in on the safe.

Open the safe as per the instructions from the spider.
You will get a magnet, oil, and whiskey.

Use the oil to lubricate the mechanism on the escape hatch.
Try to open the secret door with the combination from the plaque... 1855.
Does not work...
OK. Try the number in reverse... 5581.

Jump in!

Now we move to the second part of the game...
You have 15 minutes to open the blue door...
Go right.

Take the chewing gum from the light.
Use the scissors to cut the blue cable from the broken tv.
Open the small "power" door then flip the power switch to off.
Chew the chewing gum.
Add some chewing gum to the magnet.
Add the magnet to the wall under the "the cyborg is behind this wall".
Add some chewing gum to the blue cable.
Connect the cable to the magnet.
Flip the power switch on.

Go left.
Open the red door and enter.

Take the key.
Go out.
Unlock the blue door with the key and enter.
Now for the last part of the game...
You have 10 minutes to save the Obama family.

Go left and enter the room.

Take the lighter in the corner.
Take the gift from the pigsaw puppet.
Open the gift to get a cuddly mouse.

Add whiskey to the lighter.
Add oil to the pigsaw puppet.
Use the scissors on the mouse to get its tail.
Use the whiskey on the tail to make a fuse.
Use the fuse on the pigsaw puppet.
Light the fuse with the lighter...

Take the coin from the floor in between the burnt rubble.
Use the coin in the coin slot of the painting.

Take the axe.

Go right.
Use the axe to on your family...

Congratulations and well done Obama!
You have won the game and are free to go!

I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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