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Santa Claus Saw Game Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough solution for the point-and-click roome escape game: Santa Claus Saw.  In this game it is Christmas Eve and the evil Pigsaw has captured Santa Claus to force him to play his game.  You need to help him escape as soon as possible or there won't be any presents anymore.  If you are stuck then this walkthrough will halp you escape in time.  This guide will have help, tips, tricks, screen prints and detailed instructions with explanations on how to solve Santa Claus Saw.  You too can play Santa Claus Saw Game here.

Watch the Santa Claus Saw intro...

Santa Claus Saw Game Walkthrough Starts Here.
You start in the yellow TV room with the tree:

Take the little tree and the glue from the floor.
Go right.

Take the pinata from the corner.

Look through the hole next to the door on the right.

Go right.

Take the remote control.

Go left.

Look through the hole and call the Samara
Then quickly move to behind the hole, close to the left door.  The Samara come in and walk towards you.
Press the remote button when the Samara is on the trap door.

Go right.
Take the horse.

Go right.

Take the brush and the paint.
Talk to Edward Scissorhands.  "Why are you so sad?"
Give him the tree
Give him te pinata.
He will cut off a cone for you.

Use glue on the cone. Use the cone on the horse to make a unicorn.
Use the paint on the brush.  Paint the unicon pink.

Go right.

Give the pink unicorn to Bruce Banner (Hulk)
Take the yellow potion.
Take the oven shovel in the corner

Go up into the kitchen.

Take the pink piggy
Take eggs, butter, milk, sugar, flour, mold, and matchbox from the counter.
Take the mixer form the shelf

Put all the ingrediants into the mold
Use the mixer on the mold
Now you will have a mold with muffin dough
Put the mold on the shovel
Open the oven.
Use the shovel on the opened oven.
Now you have a baked muffin.
Add the yellow potion to the muffin.

Go out.

Take the match in the lower right corner.
Go right.
Immediately give the yellow muffin to the creature.

Take the basket full of corn and the pair of halogen glasses

Go right.

Take the slingshot.
Take the blue balloon.
Talk to Melissa Sanchez   "Why the long face?"

Go up.

Take a stone and load into the slingshot.
Switch off the light then use the halogen glasses on the black board.  You will get a message "in the center of the ceiling is a passcode"

Go left.

Take the cap in the corner
Take kowalaski the penguin
Take the mirror

Talk to the bumblebee balloon man
Give him the corn to trade for a balloon

Go out.

Use the mirror on the floor to see the ceiling code.  Mine is 5818. You will have different code.
Open the steel door by entering this code in the keypad.

Go right

Tie corn to the balloon.
Use the balloon in the air.  You need to shoot it down with the slingshot when it is above the purple box.  If you make a mistake, go fetch a new stone and new balloon.

We will come back a bit later.
Go out and South.
Give the cap to Melissa

Go South

Take the ACME rocket, guitar, chip, wings, and inflator

Talk to Prof Fink
Learn that he lost his cat (again!)

Go out.
Give the guitar to Melissa

Use the wings on the pig
Use the inflator on the balloon

Go up and right.
Use the pig on the purple box.  He will land and eat the corn.
Take the 2 mirrors and note.
Go out.
go South.

Go right

Take the cat and rope.

Go left, South
Give the cat to Prof Fink
You will get a portable hole.

Go out and right.

Use the 2 mirrors on the triangle.
Now you can see all sides.
Look at the paper to see how the piramid should look:  ( you will have different colors)

Correct the colors of the triangle.  You do this by pressing the red button to change colors and the number on the wall to move to the next side.

Tie the rope to the blue balloon.

Go right.
You have 3 seconds to stop the Grinch...

Use the balloon.
Then use the lighted match on the rocket.

Go left.
Take the metal ball and pull the handle.

Go right

Take the rope, shield, and rocket.
Tie the rope to the rocket.

Look through the hole next to the right door

Exit the view.
Use the penguin on the door
Immediately hide behind the seat.. walk a little down.
Place the chip on the bottom X.
Kick the seat.
Take the chip and place on the other X.
Kick the seat.

Jump onto the seat
Jump onto the table
Jump to the crown.

Take the freezing gun.

Go right.

--> You need to be quick and focus here!
You have 3 seconds.
Use the shield.
Then  shoot ypurself with the  freezing gun,
Use the black hole on the X
Use the rocket-with-rope on the small tree  the light with the match
Throw the metal ball into the bazooka

And Santa will escape!

Well done on a great escape!
I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.
Have a Merry Christmas!

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