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Cody Crazy Zoo Walkthrough Solution

Step by step walkthrough solution for the point and click room escape game Cody Crazy Zoo.  This guide will help you escape... alive!  If you are stuck, then here are help, tips and tricks.  All you need to escape this game.  You can play Cody Crazy Zoo escape here.

About Cody Crazy Zoo:  The evil Penguin is using the animals of the zoo to commit his crimes.  Help Cody Jones find his hidehout and defeat him!

Watch the Cody Crazy Zoo intro...

Cody Crazy Zoo walkthrough starts here:
You start the adventure at the enterance gate to the Zoo.

Open the big gates and enter the zoo.

Talk to the rollerbladers.  You need to buy them a drink to get their rolerblades.
Take the blank canvas on the right.
Take the ladder against the tree on the left.

Go right.

Talk to the Apache to learn why he is sad.
Talk to the painter about his sad face.  He misses his squirrel.
Place the canvas on the stand.

Go South.

Talk to Claudia Abigail Rejas Sotelo.  You will learn that her skate was stolen by a monkey and she needs it back.

Use the teleporter map and go to the 4 monkeys.

Take the skate and the pallet.  The pallet is behind the tree.
Return to Claudia and give her skate.

Use the map and go to the ostrich.

Take the kite in the left corner.

Use the map and go to the turtle.

Talk to the zoo worker to understand why he is sad.  Also ask about turtles to learn they need food to sleep...
Take a lettuce leaf and give to the turtle.  Repeat until the turtle goes to bed.
Take his shell.

Use the map and travel to the raccoon.

Take the piano behind the tree ?!

Use the map and travel tot he 4 monkeys.
Place the ladder against the tree. Climb up.
Use the turtle shell on the monkeys.
Pick up the monkeys.
Take the ladder.

Travel to the turtle.
Hand the monkeys over to the zoo keeper.
You will get a coupon and a camera.

Travel to the zoo entrance.  Go to the rollerbladers.

Use the coupon on the salesmen
Give the sodas to the rollerbladers.

Travel to the elephant and give him the rollerblades.
With super-human strength you lift him and out him on the rollers!
Use the hand on him to push him away.
Take the apple, squirrel, and paper.

Travel tot he zoo entrance and go to the painter.
Hand him his squirrel
Give the pallet and brush to the painter.
Talk to the painter.

Travel to the crow

Give the apple to the parrot- he will wake up the crow.
Place the piano next to the crow on the left.
Read the paper note to get the hint:

fa fa sol sol la la si si  on my note.

Use the piano and play the same melody as the note.
If you played correctly thent he crow will sing along and you can pick up the chocolate.

Travel to the rhino.

Take a picture of his food bowl.
Travel to the painter and hand him the photo.
Take the canvas.

Travel to the rhino and place the canvas on the X.

Take the food bowl and the gum

Travel to the crocodile.

Get some water from the pond into the bowl.

Travel to the ostrich and use the bowl of water on the spider.

Talk to the ostrich.
Take the ostrich.

Go to the raccoon
Chew the gum and add to the kite.
Add the chocolate to the kite.
Use the kite on the raccoon.
Take the indian hat and the raccoon.

Travel to the zoo entrance.
Walk to the apache (at the painter).
Give the indian hat tot he apache.
Talk to the Apache to get his tomahawk hammer.

Travel to the crocodile for more water in the bowl.
Travel to the giraffe.

Use the tomahawk on the cloud.
Place the water on the X.
As soon as the giraffe drinks, place the raccoon on his head.  If you were too slow, take the bowl, fetch more water and retry.
The racoon will take the key.

Go fetch more water.
Use the tomahawk on the cloud.
Place the water on the X then take the raccoon, key, and bowl.
Take the giraffe ???!.

Travel to the lion
Place the ostrich before the line:

Use the ostrich to run to the other side.

Take the zebra costume.
Use the key to open the chest.
You will get clay from the chest.

Travel to the zebra
Stand behind the zebra (on the right side) then use the zebra costume.
Walk to the left, then take the hammer when the zerba drops it.

Travel to the zoo entrance and walk to Claudia Abigail Rejas Sotelo.
Give her the clay
Ak her to make an animal... you will learn that she will need a picture of the bird.

Travel to the ostrich site.
Take a picture of the hawk with the camera.
Return to laudia Abigail Rejas Sotelo
Give the picture of the hawk to her.
Take the hawk.

Travel to the crocodile.
Use the hawk on the snake.
Use the ladder on the tree and climb up.
Now you need to be quick:
Go right on the branch, use the cricket hammer on the metal garment (on the crock) then go back left.
Take the ladder and the metal garment.
Fill the bowl with water.

Go to the Zoo Entrance, to the rollerbladers.
Fix the pool with the metal garment.
Talk to the salesmen to get some spicy sauce.

Travel to the bear.
Place the giraffe on the left X

Use the tomahawk on the hammer sign on the rock, then use the spicy sauce in the bear's mouth.
Use the tomahawk on the cloud.
Place the water on the X and quickly place the racoon on the giraffe's head.

Activate the raccoon.

Walk all the way to the right.
Click on the machine to jump down.
Unplug the yellow cable.

Now Cody Jones again... Use the tomahawk on the rock.
Quickly use the cricket hammer on the evil penguin..

Well done on solving the mystery!

I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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