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Need for vacation walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the windows flash based point-and-click room escape game: Need for Vacation. If you are stuck, then this guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough to help you get unstuck and solve the game.  Full of help, detailed explanations, and screen prints to guide you.
You can play the adventure game Need For Vacation here.
This is an easy escape game that should take you about 15 minutes to solve.

You start the adventure in your house in the lounge area:

Dress your shirt, hat, pants, shoes, and backpack.

Take the pliers and broom.  Take the red button from the right-hand-side plant.
Take the second half of the pliers from the left-side plant.
Click on the wire-box to the left of the door and solve the easy rotating puzzle.
Click on the lift door to place the broom on the door.
Press the wires to insert the red button.
Press the red button - the broom will keep the doors open.
Climb down the lift shaft.

Pick up the yellow part of the scissors from the floor on the left.
Take the second part from the plant on the left.
Use the scissors to cut the telephone line where the man is talking.
Take the yellow screwdriver from the counter
Take the ladder.
Use the door to place the ladder.
Use the sign above the door.
Solve the switch puzzle: Tap in this order: 2, 5, 4, 1, 7, 6, 3

Pick up the battery and water bottle. Take the  blanket from the bench.
Tale the watch from under the bench.
Click the trash can
Take the pen from the tarmac between the bus sign and the bus station.  Click the bus sign to write "not coming".
Click the bus sign to climb on the bus

Take the skate board, rope, green ball.
Take the pipes behind the bench.
Click the security CCTV camera.
Click the red button...

Take the knife and coin.
Click the vending machine.
Take the matchbox from the top of the vending machine
Take the sign next to the vending machine
Click the trash can.  Click it again to start the fire.
Click the control panel and solve the puzzle:  Get the correct collor ball in the same color house.

Take the screwdiver, passport, screws and glasses.
Click the person last in the queue.
Click the second man.
Click the suitcase handle on the floor, center, bottom.
Click on the lady's suitcase
Click the suitcase again.  Place it on the conveyer belt.
Click on the ticket lady.

Take the knife from the rock on the left.
Take the rope from the tree
Click the coconut tree to tie the rope to it.
Take the chocolate from the side-table next to the man.
Click on the child to give him the chocolates.
Take the shovel
Click the wood under the letters so that it will collapse, raising the tree, then the man walks off.
Click the rope to cut it.

Well done!  Enjoy your vacation!
I hope my walkthrough was helpful.

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