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Escape the Elevator Walkthrough

Escape the elevator is a point-and-click room escape game that you can play here.  Here is the full step by step walkthrough solution that will help you escape from the elevator. This is a very easy escape game that should take you only a few minutes to solve.  If you are stuck, then this guide will help you out!

You start your escape facing the elevator.

Go left.

Go down.
Open the floor panel and take the wrench.
Go back up.

Use the wrench to remove the hand rail pipe.
Look up.

Use the pipe against the vent to get a blade.
Go down.

Use the blade on the paint on the wall to see the code.  My code is 861, but this will be different for you.
Go right to the elevator.
Zoom in on the toolbox.

Open the lock using the code you saw in the paint.  Click the latch to open.
Solve the puzzle by swapping out pieces.  Here is the completed puzzle:

Read the note:

Through some basic maths you will get:
Star = 8
Triangle = 17
Circle = 9
So code = 34 + 1000 = 1034.

Click on the bottom left loose panel to expose the red wires:

Zoom in on the wires and fix using the duct tape.

Click on the elevator buttons and enter the code 1034.
If the buttons are not working, then you did not fix the red wire.

Well done on solving the elevator escape.
Hope you enjoyed my little walkthrough.

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