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Infiltrating the Airship Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution for the point and click room escape game Infiltrating the Airship.  You can play Infiltrate the Airship here.  Infiltrating the airship is a game presented by Stickpage.    This guide will help you infiltrate and win the game.  If you are stuck then this help with detailed explanations will assist you step-by-step to the end.  There are many failed endings... this guide will show you how to win by getting the suspects arrested at the end... and escaping alive!

Watch the intro...

Infiltrating the Airship Walkthrough starts here:

You have a choice how to bring him in...


Use the Vacume to enter

Now you are inside.
Use the glue

Use robohelper.

Bone melt.

Here you need to be quick.
Use the spider on a stick.

Reroute the power

Force gun

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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