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Escape the Sewer Walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game Escape the Sewer.  You need to find and use objects, solve puzzles, and find your way out of the sewer.  If you are stuck then this guide will will help escape.  You can play Escape The Sewer Here.

You start your escape from this corner in the sewer:

Take the net.

Go right.

Take the piece of wood.  Combine with the net.

Go right.

Use the net in the water to get a fork.

Go left and left.
Use the fork in the rat-hole to get a note.
Read the note

Blue 8. Grey 4. Green 6. Black 7.  Orange 2.

Go right.

Open the colorful safe.
The first digit is the number 1.  Blue + Red = 8.  2 Is Blue + Yellow = Green = 6.  3 is Red + Yellow = Orange = 2.  So code is 8 6 2

Open and you get a neon light bulb.

Go right.  Then right again.

Insert the light in the black socket top left.
Turn the red knob to power the light:

You will get a code... 3374 for me.  You will get a different code.
Go left.

Move the tile on the floor.
Zoom in on the hole to open the trapdoor.
Use the code you saw on the wall.  (Remember you will have a different code here)

Open and you will get a puzzle.
Solve the puzzle.
Hint: In the middle you will get the words SEWER 1894.  The top 2 and bottom left corner will be easy... it is the rounded sewer corners.  Bottom right not so clear.
When solved you will get a Green key.

Go all the way left and use the green key to open the crate.

Solve the mathematical puzzle:

C = 5 (Bottom row: C + C + C = 15 so C = 15 / 3 = 5)
C + A + C = 30, so A = 20.
C + A + B = 40, so B will be 15.

Enter the code: A = 20, B = 15, C = 05.

You will get the red key.

Go right and open the crate with the red key.

You will get a shepherd's crook from the crate.

Go right.
Use the shepherd's crook to get the ladder.  (Top middle area.)

Climb the ladder to escape.
Well done on a great escape.

I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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