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Don't shoot the puppy Walkthrough

In this game you must ensure that the little puppy survive! You can play dont shoot the puppy here.
This guide will help you to safe the little white puppies.  I will show you the first 10 levels.  After playing this funny game for 10 levels I started to die of boredom.

Level 1 Walkthrough

The big gun is aiming right at the little puppy.  This is an easy level!  Click on start, then keep the mouse dead still until the dog is safe.  If you move your mouse, then the puppy will be killed.

Level 2 Walkthrough

Do the same as with level 1.

Level 3 Waltkrough.

Do the same as with level 1.  If you see an advertisement pops up, do not click it or move your mouse to close it... the puppy will die!

Level 4 Waltkthrough

Same as level 1...
The puppy will walk a bit slower and hop around a bit, but stay patient and the puppy will survice.

Level 5 Walktrhough

Same as level 1.

Level 6 Walkthrough

Boring.  Same as level 1.  Do not get tempted to shoot if you see the red ball... the puppy will take it and walk off.

Level 7 walkthrough

Someone will throw the ball to the right.  The puppy will fetch it and walk left.  You need LOTS of patients here... and mine is running out.

Level 8 Walkthrough.

Small puppy.  When you start, do not be tempted to click the "skip level" button that will appear as you will kill the little puppy.  Hit start and relax.

Level 9 Walkthrough

Hit start, and when you see the hammer, do not touch the mouse!  Wait a few seconds and the dog will walk off.

Level 10 Walkthrough

After you hit start the screen will go black.  Just relax and count to 200.  It takes about 1 minute and you will reach level 11.

Enough of this "Don'r Kill the Puppy" game for me!

(In level 11 there is no gun, but do not let that fool you!  My puppy died.)


  1. lol. I played and reached level 3. This dont' kill the puppy business is not for me. Glad you reached lvl 10 before calling it quits.

    1. are you kidding me i died at 11 there were no gun!!!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I beat the game, it ends at lvl 15

  3. If you have a touch screen computer, then you can just open up another tab using the touch screen (the puppy will not be shot) (DO NOT USE THE MOUSE PAD), and play other games on other websites while the puppy goes toward the sign.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That helped a lot.

    2. Of course it helped! It's cheating!

  4. thank you so much that really helped me and hopefully you can make some more levels i love the game

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  6. Also level 12 you click the start button and the puppy doesn't move and the start doesn"t go away it stays there, DO NOT CLICK IT

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  9. how exactly do you beat lvl 12? i didn't move my mouse and the puppy died

  10. Got to 12 but I clicked twice and died

  11. How to troll level seven; as soon as the puppy goes to the right, off screen, it is safe to move your mouse and the puppy will not get shot, even though the gun fires.

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