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100 Doors 2 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2 is the sequel to the famous point-and-click room escape game "100 Doors".  100 Doors 2 contains new interesting puzzles where you have to solve, use items, think outside of the box, and solve the room to advance to the next.  This walkthrough solution will provide you with help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations to all the puzzles in the game.  You can download the android version of 100 Doors 2 here.

The puzzles in 100 Doors 2 are very imaginative and range from very easy to very difficult.  This guide will help you get unstuck on any of the levels.  For most of the levels I will first provide you with a hint, and thereafter the full solution.  If you are in need of more help on a spesific room, please use the comment section below.

100 Doors 2 Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough
100 Doors 2 Level 10 to 20 Walkthrough
100 Doors 2 Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough
100 Doors 2 Level 31 to 40 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2 Level 41 to 50 Walkthrough - under construction
100 Doors 2 Level 51 to 60 Walkthrough - under construction
100 Doors 2 Level 61 to 70 Walkthrough - under construction
100 Doors 2 Level 71 to 80 Walkthrough - under construction
100 Doors 2 Level 81 to 90 Walkthrough - under construction
100 Doors 2 Level 91 to 100 Walkthrough - under construction

Note:  Sometimes the developer publish an update that change some of the puzzles.  If you see something different, please comment so that I can work out the new puzzle and publish the new solution.

Have fun with this room escape game!  It is a good way to gym your brain.
I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough solutions!


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