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Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough

Full step by step walkthrough solution for the point and click room escape game Obama Saw Game episode 2.  The evil puppet Pigsaw has kidnapped President Obama again to force him to play his twisted game.  You need to help him escape safe and sound.  If you get stuck, then this waljthrough will guide to you freedeom... alive!  Detailed explanations with help, tips, and hints in this walkthrough.

You can play Obama Saw 2 here.

Watch the Obama Saw Game 2 Intro:

And then the Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough starts here:

You start your adventure in the TV room.
Take the magnet.

Go right.

Pick up the dog.
Take the stone.
Click on the evil Puppet and play his game.  You need to click when he opens his mouth...

You need to click 10 times correctly then a door will open.

Go right.

Take the nail.
Go back.

Go North.

Take the slingshot.
Combine the nail and slingshot.
Shoot the mask with the nail.
Use the magnet on the nail to get the mask.

Go back.
Go right.

Put the mask on the dog.
Combine the rock and slingshot.
Stand on the platform then shoot the yellow button with the rock-and-sling.
Use the dog on the arrow to get rid of the skeleton.
Fetch another rock and go over to the other side.

Take the doggy.

Click on the Pigsaw frame to play another game.
He will show some faces and then add more. You need to click on the first faces.  This game goes up to 6 faces.  Win it to open the door.

Go North.

Talk to Ronald McDonald.
Give the dog to Ronald McDonald.
Talk to Ronald McDonald and get the password.  1746 for me.  Yours might differ.
Open the steel door using the keypad and the code you got from Ronald.

Nothing to do for now.
Go out, and out again.
Go right.

Take the paper.
Read it:

Notice the patter on the M.

Return to the McDonalds room.
Walk the M as per the paper note.  I had to do it a few times to get it right.
I clicked so that Obama took small steps up the M, down to the middle then up for the next hump all the way down tot he end of the M.

Take the hamburger.
Go out, out gaain.
Go right.
Go up.

Talk to the big guy.
Ask how much he weighs.
Give him the hamburger.
Go fetch another hamgurger and give it to the big guy.

Talk to the big guy and ask him to stand in the corner.
He is now heavy enough and will open the door.

Go right.

Talk to professor Fink.
Talk about his cat

Go out, out,
Go right.

Take the STOP sign.

Go out. Go South.
Quickly place the STOP sign in front of you to halt Minotauro.

Take the stop sign and place it on the right side at the door.
Go right.

Take Prof Fink's cat.
Take the piece of paper.

Go left.
Take the STOP sign and place it at the left door.
Go left.
Go North.
Go right.

Give the cat to Prof Fink.
You will get the see-through-wood-glasses.

Go out, out, Right.

Use the glasses to "read" the wood.  (Your numbers could be different)
My numbers at the top:  724613985
Order: 7359

My code will be:  9415  (the 7th number, then the 3rd, 5th, 9th)
Open the door by entering 9415 on the keypad.
Go right.

Take the paper.
Look at the paper:

I have 5473

Look at the color paper you pick up earlier:

The order will be the number color as per the other paper.
Color 5 = yellow, 4 = pink, 7 = light green, etc.

Now walk to the correct color block in sequence, without touching the other colors.
If you step correctly you will see your number on the wall.

For me it is: Yellow, Pink,Light green, Red

If correct, the door will open.
Go right.

Take the paper and read it:


Look through the hole next to the door.
Now create a path for the robot so that he will have to walk over the 3 numbers on the paper.  Order does not matter.
Here is my solution:

Once you have a path, talk to the robot and tell him to walk.
If he stepped on the 3 numbers and reach the END, then the door will open.

Go right.

Go right.

You have 60 seconds to survive this room.
Take the paper and read.

Yellow, 5, 4, blue

To get this:
Step on Rotate until the 5 is on the left.
Step on Yellow to clear then step on the 5.
Now step on rotate and the left column, rotate, then left column, until the 4 is in the middle right.
Now only step right onto the 4.  Then blue.

Problem solved!
The door will open and you can escape!

Well done on solving Obama Saw 2.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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