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Organic Engine Escape Walkthrough

Full step by step walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game - Organic Engine Escape.  This help guide will provide you with all you need to escape if you are stuck.  The walkthrough will include tips, tricks, screen prints and detailed explanations.  The world has changed. The machines are creating organic systems.You must escape from that distant future. You can play Organic Engine Escape here.

You start your escape adventure here:

Notice the number 97.  We will use it later.

Go right

Zoom in on the face of the person.

Take the elctronic key from her ear.
Take the batteries from her cheek.
Zoom out.

Zoom in on the bottom panel under the TV.  Take the awl.
Look at the position of the gears:

The positions are (top-right = 1, right = 2, bottom right = 3, bottom = 4, etc)
4 6 4 6
2 2 2 2
8 4 8 4
6 6 6 6     --> Note:  Your pattern could be different!

Notice the word "ADEGIK" corporation. We will use it later.

Go left and left again.

Open the top right flame then heat the awl on the flame.
Go right and right.

Zoom in on the circuit board under the TV

Use the very hot awl to get the IC Microchip.
Go all the way left and re-heat the awl, then get the other microchip.

Go left.

Insert the microchip in the left door-pillar and the other one on the right.
Use the electronic key to open the panel bottom left.
Take the remote.
Adjust the gears the same as the clue in the right-room.
If you are correct a screwdriver will come down on the top left.  Take it.

Combine the batteries with the remote.

Go left
and use the remote on the 2 TV's

Call 37233238 and 15571919 (your numbers will be different!)

Go right and use the phone to dial the 2 numbers.  You will get a nut from each.

Go right.
Zoom in on the lady's head.
Open the head cover using the screwdriver.

Adjust the left clock to 9 and the right to 7 (we saw the number 97 at the start screen)
Notice her eyes light up.

Zoom in on the TV screen.

Take the pliers.
Notice the color pattern at the bottom.  I have blue, blue, white, blue, red, blue, blue.  Your colors will differ.

Go left.
There are 3 wheels at the top.  Left = red, middle = blue, right = white.
Turn them to repeat the color pattern you saw on the tv.
If you are correct then a nut will fall down.  Take it.

Go  left.
Look at this sign:

Go all the way right.
Zoom in on the bottom left panel, then draw this same sign.

You will get a nut.
Now you have 4/4 nuts.

Go left.
Use the nuts on the panel to the left of the 97.
Use the pliers on them to fix them.

Go right.
Zoom in on the TV.
Remember the word ADEGIK?  Select these letters on the TV.
You will get a System Activated message:

Go left.

All 4 lights are now activated:

Tap the magic door.

Well done on a great escape from the Organic Engines.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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