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100 Doors 2 Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2 is the sequel to the famous point-and-click room escape game "100 Doors".  100 Doors 2 contains new interesting puzzles where you have to solve, use items, think outside of the box, and solve the room to advance to the next.  This walkthrough solution will provide you with help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations to all the puzzles in the game.  You can download the android version of 100 Doors 2 here.

For the walktrough solution to other levels of 100 Doors 2, visit this link.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 21

Pick up the 3 red-and-white striped candy bars from the floor on the left.  2 Are hidden behind the presents so tap the presents to move them.
Add the 3 candies to the candies box on the door.
Take another candy from the top right corner of the door, then load it also into the box.
Take the candy bar from under the Christmas tree and load in the box.
Shake the device so that the Christmas hat falls to the floor.
Take the kast candy from the top left side of the door and load.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 22

Pick up the globe on the floor and insert into the light socket at the ceiling.
Now there is light.
Take the crow-bar and break the door open.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 23

Look at the start sign.  Next to it is a trafic light with the order: red, yellow, green.
Press the START button the count the number of red (2), yellow (4), and green (3) cars.
Code is 243

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 24

Pick up the long stick, then use it on the small piece.
Take the T-pole.
Use the pole on the water - you will see a hint of a cloth there.  Now take the mop.
Use the mop on the water.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 25

Count the books on each level of the shelf:

Code is 10 5 12.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 26

Catch the mouse.  I stuggled to catch him.
Put the mouse in the mouse-wheel-generator.
When the battery is fully charged the door will open.
Well done on solving level 26.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 27

You need to turn on all the lights on the door.
Tap the  2nd and 4th button on both sides.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 28

Pick up the trigger on the box.
Shake your device so that the axe falls down.  Take it.
Use the axe to break open the big botom crate.
Take the bomb.
Place the bomb on the door.
Use the trigger on the bomb.
This will bomb open door 28.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 29

Pick up the weight and let it drop from high onto the white create.
Move the crate pieces to get the key.
Use the key to open the door.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 30

Take the plug next to the toolbox.
Attach the plug to the cable,
Drag the cable to the wall socket.
The light will start flashing.  Count the flashes.
3 2 4 1 5 

Use the keypad with the code 32415 to win door 30.

Well done one solving the first 30 levels of 100 Doors 2.
Hope you enjoy my walkthrough.


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