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Escape the Orange Room Walkthrough

Need help solving the Escape The Orange Room?  Then here is the full walkthrough solution to help you solve Escape the Orange Room.  Full detailed instructions with screen prints and explanations to help you get unstuck in this point-and-click room escape game.  You can play Escape The Orange Room here.  Game Created by Escape Games 24.

Warning: Escape The Orange Room contains some elements that does not make it suitable for young people.

 This is a rather hard escape game and can take you a long time to solve.  Some of the hotspots you need to click is difficult to find.  Enjoy my Escape-The-Orange-Room Walkthrough and use the comments section below if you need more help.

Note:  If your inventory is full then you cannot take more.  You will first have to put something down.
You start your escape in the messy bedroom.

Go right to this room:

Click on the hanging picture on the wall.
It will fall after a lot of clicks.
This will expose the safe.  You need 15 game chips to insert in the black space.  As you find chips, come put them in place to free up inventory space as per below:  Your picture could be different.

The 15 game chips can be found as follows:

1. Take the game chip from the middle drawer of the bed-side table.

2. On the bed:
Move the pillows and duvet then take the chip.

3. Under the bed in the origami:
Look under the bed.
Take the origami
Unfold the origami then take the game chip.
Put the origami back under the bed.
Click a few times on the left leg to get a samurai sword.

4.Look behind the bed-side table:  
Hotspot is to the left close to the wall.
Take the game chip at the top (leave the condom).

5.  Inside the toaster:  
Take the toaster.
Zoom in on the toaster, pull the red button then and click-a-ti-click on the right-side bread.  You need the game chip that you will see momentarily when the bread jumps out.  Good timing needed.
Put the toaster back where you found it.  No more need for it.

6. In the pink light summer dress:
Take the pink light summer dress
Zoom in on the dress.  Turn it around and unzip.  Take the game chip.
Put the dress back.

7. Behind one of the coconut leaves:
Remove all the coconut leaves.  Look behind all of them until you find the one with the game chip. Take the chip then put all the leaves back.

8. Inside one of the coconuts:
Take a coconut.  Open it with the samurai sword.  Take the game chip inside.
(Only one of the 3 coconuts have a chip.  Replace all when done)

9. Inside the red make-up-kit:
Take the red make-up kit.  Open it, then take the file.
Use the samurai sword in the top right corner to get another chip.

10. Inside the vibrator:
Open the top drawer in the clothes room.
Take the pink vibrator.  Top right side.
Use the nail file to open.  Take the chip.
Put the vibrator back in the drawer.

11: Shelf next to the safe:
Go the the shelf next to the safe.
Zoom in on the shelf.  Difficult to find the hotspot... it is around the right corner of bottom shelf.
Take the chip.

12: Under the table:
You need to click the bottle, glass, and candle - while all 3 are in the air, click the table and the chip will drop down.

13: Between the 2 purple towels:
You need to zoom in between them... difficult hot spot.

14: Inside the beige footrest / couch:
Go to the room with the hanging clothes.  There is a beige footrest.  Zoom in to find a chip hidden in the coechens.  Difficult hotspot.  Hotspot:  follow the line from the + in the center downwards, pass the curve down and then you will reach it.

15: In the green jacket sleeve:
Go to the room with the hanging clothes.  Take the green jacket with a necktie.
Zoom in.  The chip is in the left-hand sleave (your right as you look at it.).  You will notice a little v-shaped black mark at the top of the arm.  Click it and it will move down.  Keep clicking till it is at the bottom.  Take the chip!

Now that you have all the sliding puzzle pieces, put them in and slide the puzzle to solve it.
The safe will open:

Take the note and the mallet.  Read the note then put it back in the safe.

Go to the TV room and break open the wall with the Mallet.
When the wall is open, you will see a safe:

Go to the bedroom and fetch the rope from the drawer.
Use the rope to pull out the safe.

Now we need a 6 digit code.
Switch on the TV to get the color sequence

Purple, green, yellow, red, blue, white.

Notice:  Your numbers could be different from mine!

Purple = 8.  Look at the hair-curler on the dressing table.  Number 8 in the purple handle.
Green  9.  Look on the yarn under the bed.
Yellow = 9.  Look at the candle-lamp in the bedroom.
Red = 8.  Look inside the vanity case inside the compact powder to see the red 8.
Blue = 0. Look at the tappastery above the bed. Zoom into the 4 center red dots to see the number in the center.
White = 5.  Look on the pair of running shoes under the coat rack.

So, my code is 899805  (yours could be different)

Take the magic wand from the safe.

Zoom in on the samurai sword.  Use the magic wand to make it a strong sword.

Zoom in on the window.
Cut all the bars with the samurai sword.   You need to cut all 12 of the bars on the sides.
The bars will open:

Go back to the room with the clothes.
Take the bras from the top drawer.  There are 3.
Zoom in on the D-cup bra and use the wand to enlarge it.

Go back to the window then use the enlarged D-cup bra to parachute out...

Well done on solving the Escape the Orange Room.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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