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LOL Cat Escape Walkthrough

LOLCat Escape Walkthrough
LOLCat Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution that will help you find all the 9 hidden cats in this funny point-and-click room escape game.  Tips, hints, tricks provided in this guide.  If you miss some of the kittens, then this guide will help you locate them all!  Play the windows version here for free.

Note: I have found a bug where the cats at 2 locations just "disappeared".  It happened while I was talking screen-prints.  If you miss a cat, maybe the bug caught up with you and you will have to restart and try again...

LOL Cat Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in front of the kitten house.

Cat #1: Get your first cat by clicking on the ginger cat on the left.
Lift the welcome mat to get a key.
Use the key to open the front door (drag the key from your inventory to the door).

Now you are in the lounge.

Open the drawer on the small table under the pears to get a CD Disk.
Load the CD disk into the CD player under the TV.
Cat#2:  The black cat will come into the room to watch the picture of the bird on the tv.  Catch the kitten!

Go left, left, left till you are outside the house.

Cat#3: Catch your next cat, the black cat, running around outside.
Take the purple ladder against the house.
You can spill the glass on the table, but this does not help you catch another kitten.

Go all the way right to the lounge, then exit the house to where you started.

Use the ladder against the house.

Climb the ladder and enter the master bedroom.

Cat#4: Catch the next cat lying on the bed.
Take the vacuum cleaner.

Enter the bathroom (top door)

Open the cupboard under the sink then take the light bulb.
Exit the bathroom.
Exit down out the window, down the ladder, and enter the lounge.
Go left to the dining room.

Cat#5:  Use the vacuum cleaner on the dirty carpet then catch the white cat.

Enter the basement (door in front)

Use the light bulb on the broken light hanging on the right.  Now you have light.

Lift the washing on the very right of the table.
Take the brush hidden between the clothes.

Cat#6: Use the brush on the litter poo box.    Tap the brush to clean the box.  Catch the white-cat-with-a-black-spot.
Take the key from the litter box.

Go up.
Go left to the kitchen.

Open the top blue wall cupboard.
Take the mouse.

Go right all the way to the lounge.
Go up the stairs.

Cat#7: Place the mouse on the carpet and catch the cat.

Minimize the inventory and notice a hidden door at the ceiling.

Enter the hidden door.

Move the boxes on top of the kitchen crate.

Cat#8:  Open the pink round box and click the brown kitten.
Use the key to open the kitchen crate.
Take the tin opener.

Go down.  Down again to the lounge.
Go left, then left to the kitchen.

Cat#9: Use the tin opener to open the tuna on the floor.
Catch the ginger cat!

Well done on finding all 9 cats.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!

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