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Toys Room Escape Walkthrough

Toys Room Escape Walkthrough
Toys Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to solve Toys Room Escape... alive!  This guide will provide you with help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations to solve all the puzzles in the game.  If you are stuck, then this guide is the right one for you.

About Toys Room Escape: Toys Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, unfortunately a small boy was locked inside the toys room . There is no near to help him out. Help the small boy to escape from the toys room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!  Play the game from GamesPerk.Com.

Toys Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You begin in the toys play room.

Zoom in on the brown bear on the green shelf.
Move the bear the take the dalmatian dog.

Zoom in on the lion in the green shelf.
Move the lion then take the horse.

Zoom in on the center carpet, the bottom left corner.  Lift it and take the cow.

Zoom on on the first orange-brown-pink frame, and place the horse inside.

Zoom in on the second and place the dog.

Zoom in on the third and place the cow.

--> Notice the 1st letter of each animal is highlighted, so it gives a code:  hdc

Zoom in on the rabbit on the left.
Enter the code hdc

Take the 3 shapes.

Zoom in on the green shape-puzzle on the left wall.
Insert the 3 shapes in their correct position to complete the rack down to the buttons.
Balls will run down...

And give you the code 726

Zoom in on the table with the yellow light.
Open the drawer with the code 726

Take the key.

Zoom in on the framed flower pot on the left wall
Open the locker with the key

Take the egg.

Zoom in on the chicken on the center table.
Give the egg to the chicken

The chicken will move left.  Take the white paper

Zoom in on the paper, then tap every bear.

You will get:  5 reds, 2 yellows, 4 greens.

Zoom in on the door.

Click the colors to make green = 4, red = 5, yellow = 2

Good job!
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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