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Escape the Bomb Walkthrough

Escape the Bomb Walkthrough
Escape the Bomb Solution

Full walkthrough with step-by-step instructions on how to solve escape the bomb.... alive!  Tips, hints, and detailed explanations provided with the solution.  If you are stuck, then this guide is for you.

About Escape the Bomb: You have two hours to live, or you can defuse the detonator. Can you solve this mystery before your insides get blown outside?  This is a point-and-click room-escape game.  You can play the windows version for free here.   Unfortunately you are going to die.  A bomb will explode in 2 hours.  You shouldn't worry about feeling pain.  As soon as the bomb explodes, a painless and fast dead is waiting for you...

Here is one possible solution...  I picked up a lot of items that I did not use.?!

Escape the Bomb Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in an old office room.

Pick up the note from the floor.  Read it... quite depressing!

Read the calendar on the left wall.
Keep turning the pages...
You will find his birthday on 25 December.  This is a clue!

Zoom in on the yellow cabinet on the left, then take the yellow cross from the base.
Place the cross on the brown table next to the yellow cabinet.

Take a screwdriver from the top drawer.
Take the cup from the second drawer.
There is a red screwdriver hidden under the cabinet.
There is a silver key hidden behind the cabinet.

Take the pill capsule next to the laptop
Take the paper pieces from the dustbin, then solve the picture puzzle.

Open the lock on the drawer with the code 1225 (his birthday).

Take the scissors from inside the drawer.

Open the white fridge then take the ice cubes.

Zoom in on the wall clock.
Click all around it until it moves away.  Take the golden key.
Take the battery from the back of the clock.

Use the golden key to open the locked yellow drawer.
Take the paper pieces from inside.
Solve the paper piece puzzle:

Now, combine the 2 pieces of paper so that you get the 3 passwords:

Go to the laptop and enter the 3 passwords, enter after each

Read the notes about the different safe mode settings.
GO to main menu.
Select safe mode setting
Select Safe Mode 02 and confirm

(In safe mode 02 you can cut the yellow line - Bomb 02 infrared sensor)

Zoom in on the lines next to the laptop, then use the scissors to cut the yellow line.

Now go to the calendar.
Page up past December
Use the red phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.
Lift the cover.

Use the silver key to open the safe.
Take the lighter.

Zoom in on the bomb on the floor.
Use the straight screwdriver to remove the 4 screws.
Remove the plate.

We still have some time!

Zoom out.
Use the lighter and flick the side to make a flame.
Use the lighter on the fire alarm sensor on the ceiling.  The alarm will go off.

After a bit of time the alarm will stop.
After about 5 minutes, you will hear a police siren.
The door will open and you will escape.


  1. Why do you set safe mode 2 and cut the yellow cable? IT CHANGES ABSOLUTELU NOTHING, JUST LIKE THE CROSS OR THE ICE. RED HERRING.

  2. It may be so the infrared sensor doesn't pick up the flame from the lighter.

  3. And I yet trying to find a utility for the ice or the cup. lol

  4. I can't get the lighter to work

  5. Because there are two bombs. The second will go off if you set off the fire alarm WITHOUT disarming the infrared sensor (tripwire) outside the door.

    Safe mode 1, 3, and off all render the puzzle unsolvable (it is impossible to defuse the second bomb any other way)

  6. NOT take the pill!!!!!!!!!

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  8. whats the password to cancel the boomb??