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Dispensary Escape Walkthrough

Dispensary Escape Walkthrough
Dispensary Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to solve this point and click escape game.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles with guides, tips, tricks, and the complete solution to help you solve the game.

About Dispensary Escape: The 469th escape game from 123bee.com. Hi guys! A thief admitted in the hospital for some health checkup. Now he needs your help to cheat the receptionist and escape from the hospital. Kindly help him to do that using available clues and objects in this place. Have a thrilling escape!

Dispensary Escape Walkthrough Starts here!  

You begin at the reception

Take the paper from the table next to the flower pot.
Open the grey drawer next to the printer then take the red key.
Open the top cupboard using the red key.

Take the carbon.

Zoom in on the printer.
Open the top.
Insert the carbon.
Insert the paper.

Notice the code 2012 at the bottom of the printout.
Take the print and zoom in on it.  Zoom in on the 2012.  Code will not work if you do not zoom in.

Go right to the medicine counter.

Notice the clock on 13:49

Open the drawer with the code 1349

Take the syringe.

Take the vaccine from the top left.  It is a yellow box.
Take the injections from the top middle shelf.

Go right to the doctors room.

Look at the blood-pressure meter on the desk.  Tap it to see:

Code 110.

Take the blue key from under the desk.

Open the drawer with the blue key

Take the paper.
Read the paper:

Dr Albert

Zoom in on the PC monitor.
Enter the user name: Albert
Password: 2012

You will get the code 555 on the screen.

Open the beige locker next to the PC with the code 555.

Take the pendrive.

Go right to the operating theater.

Open the blue drawer with the code 110.

Take the paper.
Take the scissors from the shelf on the left.
Take the tongs from the shelf on the right.

Read the paper to see how you need to make the medicine

Go left to reception.
Zoom in on the PC.
Insert the pendrive
Switch the monitor on

Get the code 6787

Zoom in on the syringe
Use the scissors to open the packet.
Take the syringe.

Zoom in on the injections
Take a medicine bottle out.

Zoom in on the vaccine.
Take one out.
Use the tongs on the capsule to remove the top.
Fill the syringe with medicine

Add the medicine bottle

Take the syringe.

Inject the receptionist.

Take his key from his pocket

Zoom in on the door.
Enter the code 6787 on the reader.

Insert the key in the door.

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my Dispensary Escape Walkthrough.


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