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Two Kidnappers Escape Walkthrough

Two Kidnappers Escape Walkthrough
Two Kidnappers Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to solve the point and click room escape game - Two Kidnappers Escape.  Tips, hints, and help provided with detailed instructions and explanations to all the in game puzzles.

About Two Kidnappers Escape: Two Kidnappers Escape is a new kind of room escape game from Gamesperk. You have been kidnapped and your objective is to escape somehow!  You can play this game for free from NewEscapeGames.  This game is created by GamesPerk.Com.  In this escape game, two kidnappers trapped you inside their house.  There is no one to help you out.  Try to escape from the room by finding items and by solving the puzzles.  Use your best escape skills.  Good luck and have fun!
If you are stuck... read on!

This is a beginner-level easy room escape game.  It should take you less than 10minutes to complete.

Two Kidnappers Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

Your adventure begin in the lounge.

Zoom in on the teapot, then move the pillow on the chair to get the remote.
Zoom in on the shelf, then move the books to get the lighter.
Look at the dart board

The numbers: 30 + 30 + 50 + 20 +1  =  131

Zoo, in on the dustbin.
Use the lighter to burn the paper, then take the key.

Go right to the bedroom

Nothing to do here for now...

Go right to the TV room

Give the remote to the kidnapper.  He will then play with the remote.

Zoom in on the brown box and take the zip opener.
Zoom in on the red fridge, and open with the key.

Take the brown beer bottle top left shelf.

Go all the way left to the lounge, then give the beer to the kidnapper with the rifle.

Go right to the bedroom.
Zoom in on the green backpack on the chair
Use the zip opener on the backpack to open.

Take the key.

Zoom in on the drawer under the PC Monitor
Use the key to open the drawer

Take the screwdriver

Open the yellow locked drawer with the code from the dartboard: 131

Take the green tape.

Go to the lounge on the left.
Zoom in on the button next to the door
Use the screwdriver to remove all 4 screws.
Use the green tape to repair the wires

Press the red button!

Well done on a great escape

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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