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Luxury Villa Escape Walkthrough

Luxury Villa Escape Walkthrough
Luxury Villa Escape Solution

Full step-by-step walkthrough on how to escape from the luxury villa.  Hints, tips, and detailed explanations provided to solve this point and click room escape game.  This is your help if you are stuck!

About Luxury Villa Escape:  The 467th escape game from 123bee.com. You have been trapped inside Luxury Villa and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of the room.  This escape game is difficult.

Luxury Villa Escape walkthrough starts here ---->

You begin the game in the lounge of the luxury villa.

Take the blue shoes from the lower right corner.
Zoom in on the books on the shelf:

Take the golden key hidden between the books.
Open the bottom drawer below the TV using the golden key.

Take the blue key.

Go right to the bedroom.

Take the brown book from the shelf on the left.
Read the book and page on.  Notice the BLUE symbol.

Go left to the lounge.
Open the bottom drawer with the code BLUE.

Take the hammer.

Go right then right again to the study.

Zoom in on the bag on the white chair and take the stick.
Take the champagne bottle next to the white desk lamp.

Zoom in on the champagne bottle.
Use the hammer to smash it open.

Take the knife hidden in the bottle ?!

Zoom in on the shoes
Turn the left shoe around
Use the knife to cut the heel open

See the code 25.
Repeat with the right shoe to see code 26:


Go left to the 1st bedroom.
Zoom in on the number-combination lock locker door.
Open with the code 2526

Take the glass, batteries, and note.

Read the note:

3 O'clock.

Go right to the study.

Zoom in on the wall clock.
Set the clock to 3:

Take the paper piece.

Read the paper piece.
Zoom in on the word to see better:


Go right to the kitchen.

Take the water bottle
Zoom in on the fridge and use the blue key to unlock.
Take the apples.
Zoom in on the apples
Move the front apple to expose the code:


Go back to the study
Zoom in on the toy robot
Open the front compartment
Load the 2 batteries

Close the battery cover
Switch on by pressing the red button on its stomach

Password is TOKYO.  (capital letters)
Now you will see a new code:


Go to the 1st bedroom.
Open the alphabet-code cupboard with the code ROBO.

Take the box
Open the box.
Take the pink and blue bags.

Zoom in on the glass
Add the water from the water bottle
Add the pink bag
Add the blue bag

Stir with the stick

Notice the color:  VIOLET.

Go to the kitchen
Zoom in on the microwave-type locker
Open with the code VIOLET

Take the box

Open the box with the code 300 (from the apples)

Take the data card.

Go to the lounge
Zoom in on the DVD player
Insert the data card
Switch on
Zoom out (down arrow.  Left arrow is probably a bug?)
Zoom in on the TV
Switch on:

Code = FUNNY

Go to the front door
open with the code FUNNY

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Good walkthrough. thank you sir. i think you were the first person with a luxury villa escape walkthrough. well done. Have a great day.

  2. This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

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