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Tricky & Escape Walkthrough

Tricky & Escape Walkthrough
Tricky & Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution for Tricky and Escape.  A web-based point-and-click room escape game from 123bee.com.  This walkthrough will provide all the tips, hints, and help that you need to solve the escape game.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  All the objects you need to pick up, are in bold.

About Tricky & Escape: The 468th escape game from 123bee.com. Imagine you are trapped inside this house, which is filled with tricks. Somehow, you have to escape from there. Use the clues and objects over there to escape. Good luck and have fun....!

Tricky & Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start the adventure in the lounge.

Take the red ball from under the chair lounger.
Take the blue cup from the table.
Take the green rod from the shelf.
Take the silver key hidden behind the green-and-blue books on the left side of the shelf.

Go right to the blue bedroom.

Open the bottom left drawer using the silver key, then take the hammer.
Take the black alligator clip from the floor under the red pillow
Take the battery from the table
Take the red alligator clip from the top drawer on the right.

Go right to the green bedroom.

Take the green alligator clip from on top of the drawers on the right.
Open the locker on the wall using the hammer

Take the cutter.

Open the drawer next to the bed on the very left, then take the key.

Go right to the washroom

Look at the calendar

3,5,6 are circled

Go left to the green bedroom and open the cupboard with the code 356

Take the stop clock and the paper clip.

Go right to the washroom.

Take the black alligator clip from the top right drawer.
Use the key to open the top left cupboard then take 2 x magnets.

Open the bottom left cupboard and take the marker.

Zoom in on the rod
Use the cutter to cut it.
Take the center piece - the rod.

Zoom in on the rod
Use the marker to make 2 marks on the rod
Use the cutter to strip on the markings.
Add the 2 black alligator clips

Zoom in on the paper clip
Bend a piece off
Take the pin.

Zoom in on the red ball
Add the pin
Take the pin-ball.

Zoom in on the blue cup
Add a magnet
turn the cup upside-down
Add the second magnet on top
Add the alligator-clipped-rod
Add the pin-ball
Add the battery
Add the stopwatch

Add the green alligator clip
Add the red alligator clip

Look at the code 5 36 84

Go all the way left to the front door
Open the door with the code 53684

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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