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Antique House Escape Walkthrough

Antique House Escape Walkthrough
Antique House Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions that will guide you all the way to escape the antique house... alive!  Tips, hints, and detailed explanations to all the in-game puzzles.

About Antique House Escape:  The 466th escape game from 123bee.com. Just imagine, you are trapped in this Antique House Escape. Your task is to escape from this house. In this house some of the clues are hided in different places, you need to search and find all the clues and coordinate them in a logical manner then find the code and have a great escape.  You can play the Windows Version of Antique House Escape here.  Antique house escape is a point-and-click room escape game.  No time limits.  This escape game will keep you busy for around 40 minutes to one hour.   Medium-to-easy difficulty.

Antique House Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the lounge.

Take the alarm clock from the shelf.
Take the golden key at the center flower vase.

Go right to the bedroom.

Open the top drawer on the left, using the golden key.

Take the screwdriver and another golden key.

Look at the alarm clock.
Turn it around.
Use the screwdriver on the back.
Take the paper piece.

Open the bottom drawer on the left using this new key, then take the hammer.

Take the frame from the left bed-side drawer.
Take a brown pillow from the bed.
Take the tea jar from the right-side bed drawer.
Zoom in on the tea jar and smash it with he hammer.
Take the knife

Zoom in on the frame
Turn it around.
Take the paper piece.

Zoom in in the pillow
Cut it open with the knife.
Take a paper piece.

Go right to the bathroom

Nothing to do here for now.
Go right to the kitchen

Take a plate piece from the top drawer on the left.
Take a plate piece from the bottom thin drawer under the oven.
Take a plate piece  from the blue mix jar/mug.
Take a plate piece and battery from the top cupboard.

Zoom in on a plate piece and add all plate pieces together.
If you added all 4, they will come together:

And you get code 5865

Go all the way left to the lounge.
Open the bottom right locked cupboard with the code 5865.

Take the green book.
Read the green book.  Notice the picture is the mirror and tap from the bathroom..

Go to the bathroom and move the mirror to get a paper piece.

Zoom in on a paper piece.
Add all the other paper pieces.
If you added them all, they will come together

And you get code 888.

Go to the lounge.

Open the top right locked cupboard with the code 888

Take the cellphone mobile.

Go to the bathroom.
Open the locker on the left.
The solution:  Tap the color buttons in sequence from 1 to 4.  (Red, blue, orange, yellow)

You will see the code 567.

Open the green locker on the right with the code 567

Take the memory stick.

Zoom in on the phone.
Load the memory stick.
Turn the phone around.
Open the battery compartment
Add the battery

Close the battery compartment.
Turn on the phone

You will see Jacke 07.07.

Go to the lounge and open the top left cupboard with the code 0707.

Take the red tin.

Zoom in on the tin.
Use the knife to cut it open.
It will cut and then shake...

You will see the code TWIST.

Open the front door of the lounge with the code TWIST.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

1 comment:

  1. ha! I could not find the clue on how to open the left locker in the bathroom. Did not realize it is sooooo simple! Just click 1,2,3,4.... silly me. Thank you for the walkthrough and help to remove my misery.