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Escape the Dungeon Walkthrough

Escape the Dungeon Walkthrough
Escape the Dungeon Solution

Full walkthrough escape with step-by-step instructions to escape from the dungeon... alive!  Tips, hints, and help provided in this guide.  Detailed explanations on how to solve all the puzzles in the game.  Screen prints with all the objects you need to get in bold.

About Escape the Dungeon:  I think I liked escaping from places like coffee shops and hotels better. This dungeon is nasty! And I've been drugged! Hurry for escaping!  This web-based room escape game can be played for free here from addictinggames.com.  Welcome to my wonderful little dungeon.  How you got here is unimportant, but what is important is the poison pulsing through your veins as you read this.  In a mere 10 minutes you will be the subject of my latest experiment...

Escape the Dungeon Walkthrough Starts Here:

After the animated introduction...
You start in the dungeon cell.  Time is running out.

Look at the skeleton bones on the floor, then take the wooden bat.
Take the saw-blade on the left "seat".
Take the pen from the hanging skeleton
Click the pen a few times to turn it around and you will get a spring.

Go right to the bedroom.

Zoom in on the bed.  Take the red book on the bed.
Read the mad diary book.  Notice the order of the words: Elated, Surprising, Frightened, Irritating
See the code 9382 on the bed.

Zoom in on the pillow on the bed
Move the pillow then take the magazine - mad science weekly.
Read the magazine to get a key.

Open the middle drawer on the left

Take the screwdriver.

Go left and zoom in on the 4 pictures of the scientists that you saw on the book.
Tap the color buttons in the correct order.
Blue (elated), Yellow (surprised), Green (frightened), Red (Irritating).  If correct, then the elated scientist will move his eye... zoom in on it...

Take the big key.

Go to the dungeon room where you started.
Zoom in on the hanging skeleton
Unlock his arm using the big key.
Open the panel he was hiding.

Take the silver key.

Go right to the first-aid-room

Open the first-aid cabinet using the silver key.

Take the crowbar and the puzzle.

Open the fuse-box using the screwdriver
Remove the broken fuse
Use the spring to jump the power

Switch on

Zoom in on the sink
Take the cup
Open the tap and fill the cup with water

Go left and zoom in on the PC.
Switch on.

Code us 9382

Notice the name Roy G Biv

Open the puzzle using this colors (from the first letters of the above)
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo

Take the pill inside.

Zoom in on the cup of water.
Add the pill.
Ah!  Now you feel better!

Go to the bedroom
Zoom in on the door.
Use the crowbar to remove the planks.
Use the key from the magazine to unlock and open the door.

Take the tape.
Zoom in on the bat and the saw.  Tap the tape to tape them together.

Go to the start room in the dungeon.
Zoom in on the burglar bars
Use the saw-bat on the bars to cut them open.

Tap the opening and you can escape!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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