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Cool Island Escape Walkthrough

Cool Island Escape Walkthrough
Cool Island Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape from the cool island... alive!  This guide provided tips, tricks and hints with detailed explanations to the in-game puzzles.  Everything you need to escape.

About Cool Island Escape:  The 465th escape game from 123bee.com. A smart teenage boy is in problem. how he stuck, he and his friends are come to Cool Island for weekend pick nick. Unfortunately he was separated from his friends and also he forgets the way, now he needs your help to escape from this cool Island.  Play the Windows online version for free here.

Cool Island Escape Walkthrough starts here:
The cool island escape starts at the shelter at the bus stop.

Take the "stop sign" board.
Grab the rope from the right-hand-side shelter.
Take the child's water tube on the rocks on the right.

Go right.

Pick up a stone and the paddle next tot he pink cup.
Take the wooden piece on the port on the right.
Take another child's water tube at the end of the port.

Go right.
Take the 3rd water tube next to the port.
Zoom in on the center port entrance close to the bottom.
Use the stop board to dig out another paddle.

Take the paddle.

Go right

Take the 4th water tube.
Take the glue behind the pipes on the right of the pathway.
Take the wooden piece from the bush on the right.

Go all the way left to the start.

Zoom in on the locked crate.
Use the stone to smash open the lock

Take the Axe and the ladder.

Go right

Zoom in on the port next to the blue bag.
Use the axe to cut down the bottom right pole.

Take the wood.

Go right.

Zoom in on the right-hand-side boat.
Use the axe to break it in half.

Take the two boat pieces.

Zoom in on a water tube.
Add all 4 water tubes
Add the glue
Add the 2 boat pieces
Add the wood piece (pole)
Add the wooden plank.
Add the last wood piece.
Add the rope to secure the planks.
Add the paddles.

Take the boat.

Go right then forward to the scene with the ship.

Put your boat in the water
Tap on yourself to row to the ship.

Use the stepladder on the ship.

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the walkthrough. I could not find the second paddle... who would have guess that you need to use the "stop sign" to dig... I am sure it would have been easier to dig with the other paddle... Anyway. Thank you the walkthrough helped me to crack this one.