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Assemble N Escape Walkthrough

Assemble N Escape Walkthrough
Assemble N Escape Solution

Full step-by-step walkthrough to help you solve Assemble-N-Escape.  Detailed instructions with the full explanation to all the puzzles. Tips and hints included in the guide.

About Assemble N Escape:
The 463rd escape game from 123bee.com. Hi friends a fun filled escape game is for you!!! For fun, my friends challenged me to escape from a house. As per their plan, they locked me inside the house. Also they left a hint that I need to find out the computer parts inside the house. So guys help me to find out the parts and also to assemble the parts and to win this challenge.  Play the windows version here for free.  Assemble N Escape is a point-and-click puzzle room escape game.

Assemble N Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start your adventure in the TV room.

Look at the calendar on the wall.  Notice the circle around 15 April.
Take the black pot on the shelf at the rocking horse.
Take the golden key on the shelf close to the rocking duck.
Open the bottom right drawer with the golden key, then take the voltage regulator and the brass key.

Zoom in on the pot in your inventory, turn it upside down to get a silver key.

Go right to the kitchen.

Open the top cupboard using the code 15 (from the calendar).

Take the RAM and the CD Drive from the open cupboard.

Open the bottom drawer using the brass key then take the HDD.

Go right to the bathroom.

Open the top of the toilet and take the briefcase hidden inside.
Open the briefcase and take the hammer inside.

Zoom in on the mirror above the sink.
Use the hammer to smash the mirror.
Take the motherboard

Take the screwdriver from the shelf at the stairs.

Take a piece of toilet paper
Examine the toilet paper to see the code 577:

Go back to the kitchen then open the drawer with the code 577.

Take the wood block and the mouse from inside.
Zoom in on the wood block to get the code 357:

Open the lower left cupboard with the code 357.

Take the keyboard.

Go right to the bathroom.
Go right again to the bedroom.

Take the CPU (the PC Case) from under the desk.

Zoom in on the voltage regulator.
Use the screwdriver to take the side off.
Notice the code 123:

Open the orange drawer with the code 123.

Take the power supply from the drawer.

Open the bottom drawer with the silver key and get the CD disk.

Zoom in on the CPU,
Open the left side.
Insert the motherboard.
Insert the RAM
Insert the power supply.
Insert the Hard Disk
Insert the CD Player.

Close the side.
Take the PC

Zoom in on the monitor on the desk.
Add the keyboard and mouse.

Place the PC back in its hole under the desk.
Switch it on.  Light will be green.
Open the CD tray and insert the CD.
Close the CD tray.

Zoom in on the monitor.
Switch on.
It will boot from the CD and load Windows.
After the Windows Logo...
You will get the door password: 7535

Go to the front door
Use the code 7535 to win.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!

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