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Whispers:Room 6 Escape Walkthrough

Whispers: Room 6 Escape Walkthrough
Whispers: Room 6 Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape from the hotel... alive!  Tips, tricks, and hints included in this guide.  Screen-prints with detailed explanations to all the puzzles.

About Whispers: Room 6 Escape:  You get a room at the creepiest hotel ever. And then your family goes missing! Explore the haunted rooms, relocate your loved ones, and get out of here!  This is a point-and-click room escape game from AddictingGames.  You can play the windows version here:.

Whispers: Room 6 Walkthrough starts here:

The game starts after some intro.

Read the road sign.  Too muddy.
Look inside the car to find a brush.
Zoom in on the muddy sign.  Use the brush to clear the mud.
Ah! A motel is not too far away...

The game continues at the motel reception.

Read the book on the desk.
Ring the bell to book a room.  You will receive a bunch of keys.

Go down the passage to the rooms.

Use the keys on door 6.

Find the correct key.  You need to click and make a circular motion to turn each key.  If you do it correctly it will either unlock the door, or tell you that the key is wrong.
When you use the correct key, it will ask for a code.  The answer is the number 425 that was written on the lock.

Now you are inside the room.

Remove all the cloths, and do not get a fright when you see the spider!
Talk to you child.
Enter the bathroom

Zoom in on the mirror.
Use your hand to clean it.

Go out... your family is gone...

Pick up your keys from the window.
Use your keys to go to the corridor.

Go to the lobby.

Take the piece of paper from the painting.
Go back to the corridor... now you can enter moor rooms.

Take the hedge shears at the 2nd door on the left.
Enter the warehouse.  2nd door on the left.

Take the hammer and a paper piece.

Go out.
Use the hammer to open the 1st door on the left (living room).
Enter the living room (TV Room).

Take the paper piece from the table.
Take the trunk key from the couch.
Zoom in on the old painting on the wall.
Solve the easy puzzle:

Take the door to the garage

Pick up the paper piece.
Use the trunk key to open the trunk of the car.
Open the trunk.

Take the lug wrench and the jack.

Zoom in on the car.
Use the jack to raise it.
Remove all 4 nuts using the lug wrench, and making circular movements as you did with the key.  The hot-spot is the center of the X.

Ah! We need a tire.  Go to the warehouse and get a tire.
Put the tire on the car.
Use the lug wrench on the 4 nuts.
Tighten all 4 nuts.  If you did it correctly, you will get the message that you need to move the car out... and see some animation clip.

Now the car is out of the way.

Use the shears to clear the vines on the door.
Enter the backyard.

Hmmm... Too dark!
Go back to the lobby.

Zoom in on the fuse box to learn some has blown.  You need to find new ones.

The blue fuse is on the reception desk.
Go to the TV room to find the red fuse at the TV set.
Go to the garage to find the yellow fuse on the wall.

When you have all 3, go to the fuse box.
Put them in place.  If you do it correctly, the light goes green.
If you placed a fuse incorrectly, just try another fuse at the same spot.
When all 3 are correct:

And then some animation.

Go back to the garage.
Take the umbrella next to the door.

Go to the warehouse.
There is a new box on the ground.
Zoom in on the box and move all the stuff out of the way to get the flashlight.

Now that you have the umbrella and flashlight,
go to the garage, then enter the backyard.

Shine with the flashlight and take the paper piece from the tree
Take the axe from the base of the tree

Go back to room 6.
Find a paper piece on the bath.

Go to the lobby.
Take the crowbar from the lamp

Go to the TV Room and use the crowbar to open the kitchen door:

Use the crowbar with downward motion a couple of times until all the nails and planks are removed.
Enter the kitchen.

Take the paper piece on the cupboard.
Now you should have all the paper pieces.

Take the shovel  from the stove on the left corner.
Take the glue from the sink.

Pick up all the broken jar pieces.
One piece in the bottom right corner.
Once you have the glue and all the pieces, you can build the jar puzzle:

Use the glue to stick the pieces together.
The trick here is to click on the dot (yellow point of the glue is the hot-spot).
Then follow all the dots.

When you are done, you can exit the kitchen.

Go to the back yard.
Read the notes to see the hint that something is buried at the tree.
Zoom in on the base of the tree
Use the shovel to dig.

You will get an old diary.

Go to room 6
Enter the bathroom... someone is in the bath...
You will see some messages that you have passed out and your family were waiting in the room for you...

You need to get out of here!

Go to the garage
Use the car to escape...

Cut the fallen tree that is blocking the road.  Use the axe.
Once you see the circle in the middle, you need to click in fast succession to fill the circle.

You will read the book... and crash.
Luckily your daughter survived.

The game end where you can read the diary.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Game sucks. Had no plot whatsoever. Why would a girl that died after killing the old man's wife and trying to kill herself haunt the motel? It's not like she was murdered.

    1. True shit. Good walkthrough though, thanks for making it.

  2. Not only that, if she died in the bathtub, how the heck did she write in here diary?

  3. OK SO how did sh possibly write in her diary, if she was DEAD?!?! HMMMMMMMMMM? Honest question! well played game......well played.

    1. Yes indeed! LOL. Good story idea, but maybe not thoroughly thought threw. Was a good game to play.

    2. I think her ghost wrote in the diary. Or she had a premonition. NO idea. haha

  4. I cant open warehouse door ?

  5. Replies
    1. Did you move the car out of the way?
      Did you clear the vines using the shears?

  6. I could not get the lug wrench to work...

    1. I also struggled to get the lug wrench working... you need to make circular motions with it. Keep trying! :-)

  7. There is no fuse on the reception desk...?

    1. If you do not see the fuse on the reception desk, then you might have missed a previous step. Some items only appear when certain events are triggered. Maybe follow the walkthrough from the top and see?

  8. Can't find the glue. It's supposed to be in the sink, but no matter where I click, I can't find it....

    1. I found the glue in the sink. Wonder why you can't get it? Try to follow this walkthrough from top down till you get tot the kitchen... maybe you missed a step that is required for the glue to appear?

  9. There is no truck key on the couch... wtf

  10. Using the lug wrench was difficult. The "arrow" on the tire went the wrong way?

  11. hate the lug wrench

  12. how to enter in the garage.
    he said "I should check other things before i leave before"

  13. thankx for ur walkthrough..... :) but it is very scary game........ i love this game but.... the black cat scared me soooo much.... :0

  14. so depressing uh

  15. wher do the antique jar pieces go wen yon pick them up

  16. where the crap are the freaking shears i cant find them?!

  17. Mwahahahahahaha. You will FAIL!!!

  18. this game is so depressing and needs a sequel

  19. i am shocked and wonder if there will be a game to follow this one