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Trapped Kid Escape Walkthrough

Trapped Kid Escape Walkthrough
Trapped Kid Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve the point and click room escape game Trapped Kid Escape.  The walkthrough will include tips, tricks, and detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  A help and a guide for you!

About Trapped Kid Escape:  The 488th escape game from 123bee.com. Mr. and Mrs. Clapper are working parents. Their kid was under the care of a babysitter. As usual, today also they left the lovable kid to the babysitter. Suddenly, the babysitter got an emergency call. She Forgets about the kid and unknowingly locked the door and gone somewhere. Help the poor kid to escape from the house.

Trapped Kid Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the red lounge:

Take the red triangular color paper from the table.
Take the red box from on top of the set of drawers against the right wall.

Go right to the kiddo bedroom

Take the blue key from the cup with the pencils on the desk.
Take the blue triangle color paper  from the bed.

Zoom in on the digital clock above the bed and notice the time 10:25

Go left to the lounge
Zoom in on the wall clock
Adjust the time to 10:25

Take the silver key.

Go right to the kiddo room.
Go right to the master bedroom.

Open the top drawer on the left using the silver key.

Take the green triangle color paper and the brown book from the drawer.

Read the brown book and flip the pages till you get to the clue:

.  X
X .

Open the top drawer on the right, next to the bed, using the blue key

Take the scroll.
Read the scroll:

Go right to the teenager bedroom:

Take the yellow triangle color paper  from the chair.
Zoom in on the wall frame with the triangles.
Add the red, blue, green, and yellow triangle colored papers.

You will get the code blue, red, yellow, green (numbered from 1 to 4)

Open the red box in your inventory by setting the code to blue, red, yellow, green.

Take the green star.

Zoom in on the bottom drawer on the bed's staircase.
Click the box as per the x's clue in the brown book:

Take the yellow star.

Look at the containers on the shelf above the chair:

You will see the code 8469.

Open the top left drawer with the combination code 8469:

Take the red star.

Go left and left again to the kiddo bedroom.

Zoom in on the 3-star map above the bed.
Add the 3 colored stars
Tap green yellow red green (as per the star clue from the scroll)
The map will open:

Take the white scroll.
Read the scroll
A picture of the house:

Go right to the master bedroom.
Zoom in on the frame above the bed (the one on the left).
Build the picture puzzle of the house, by rotating the pieces and placing them at their correct location in the puzzle.
When complete the puzzle will move

Taker the silver house key.

Go left twice to the lounge.
Open the front door using the house key

Well done on another great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!
Tapped kid escape was a medium-easy escape game.

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