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Escape the Witch House Walkthrough

Escape the Witch House Walkthrough
Escape the Witch House Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the room-escape game: Escape the Witch House.  A game from www.123bee.com  The 486th escape game from 123bee.com. I saw a luxurious house on its outskirts. Out of curiosity, I entered the house. The house looks bizarre and contains full of creepy items. A big slam behind me, the door gets locked automatically. This is not a good sign. My inner voice says” This is not the right place and time to linger here anymore”. I need to escape as soon as possible. Please help me to escape from this creepy and menacing house.

Escape the Witch House Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the Witch's lounge:

Take the blue pen from the table.
Take the wooden vampire bat from the wall, next to the flower vase
Take the clock key on the book on the shelf
Take the bobby pin  from the bottom shelf of the left bookcase.
Take the gramophone

Zoom in on the wall clock
Use the clock key to wind it up.
At the stroke of 12 the cookoo bird will come out and give a silver key.  Take the key.

Zoom in on the blue pen in your inventory
Break off the pen clip and take it.

Zoom in on the bobby pin and bend it straight.  Take the straight pin.

Go right

Take the wooden zombie brain out off the skull in the bookcase.
Take the brown rope from the brown square case.
Take the green screwdriver from the left shelf

Zoom in on the gramophone
Use the screwdriver to remove the side panel
Take the magnet inside.

Go right to the spell room

Take a knife from the table on the right.
Take the wooden dragon from the small table

Zoom in on the color circle on the wall
Rotate the circles so that the colors are aligned:

Press the blue center button and take the brown book.
Read the book and flip the pages about 6 times until you find a golden key.  Take the key.

Go left and open the chest with the golden key.

Take the sproket.

Go back right.
Zoom in on the shelves with the spell ingredients.
Take all 5 bottles from the middle shelf.

Go right

Zoom in on the color wheel on the right wall.
Turn the 3 circles so that there are 1 of each picture in each triangle.
The hole will open and you can take the 2nd sproket.

Zoom in on the magnet
Add the rope
Take the magnetic rope

Zoom in on the hole in the floor
Use the magnetic rope to retrieve the 3rd sproket.

Go all the way left to the lounge.

Open the left drawer with the silver key.
Take the wooden jelly fish and the wooden spider.

Go right to the spell room.

Zoom in on the zombie brain bottle
Use the knife to remove the lid
Repeat with the other 4 bottles.

Zoom in on the blue glowing circle.
Add the wooden zombie brain to the circle
Add the wooden dragon
Add the vampire bat
Add the wooden jelly fish
Add the wooden spider

Add the zombie brain from the bottle
Take the brain symbol.

Add the vampire bat wings from the bottle
Take the vampire symbol.

Add the dragon dust from the bottle

Take the dragon symbol

Add the spider venom from the bottle.
Take the spider symbol.

Add the jellyfish tentacles from the bottle
Take the jelly fish symbol.

Open the locked cupboard using the bobby pin and pen clip to hack the lock open.
Take the 4th sproket.

Go right.

Zoom in on the box with the pink glowing button
Add the 5 symbols

Take the 5th sproket

Zoom in on the panel to the right of the barred door.
Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws in the corner
Insert the 3 sprokets:

Zoom in on the panel left of the door
Remove the 4 screws
Add the last 2 sprokets:

Zoom in on the lever on the floor

Pull the lever to open the gate!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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