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Halloween Creepy House Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Creepy House Escape Walkthrough. Halloween Creepy House Escape Solution.

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve this point-and-click room escape game.  Tips, tricks, and hints included.  You will find screen prints, help, and detailed explanations in this guide the will get you out of the Creepy House alive!

About Halloween Creepy House Escape:  The 491st escape game from 123bee.com Imaging you have trapped in this Halloween witch house. you want to escape from there before caught with witch. Have a thrilling escape. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  You can play the game for free here.

Halloween Creepy House Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the study:

Take the nailed skull box from the desk against the left wall.

Go right to the fireplace room:

Zoom in on the fireplace and take the diamond chain.  Zoom in on the chain then take the diamond.
Take the witch hat from the shelf next to the fire place.  
Take the sword above the fireplace

Zoom in on the big pumpkin.
Use the sword to cut the top

Take the magic scissors

Zoom in on the witch hat
Use the magic scissors to cut the white thread.  Take the thread.

Take the coin form the top right cupboard.

Go right to the crystal ball room

Take the witch broom.
Zoom in on the broom and use the magic scissors to get the red cloth.

Take the vessel from the shelf
Zoom in on the vessel.  Remove the top. Turn it upside down.  Take the coin.

Take a coin from the opening above the white crystal ball in the center.

Go right to the cauldron room

Zoom in on the circular puzzle lower left.
Solve it by moving the buttons to the correct colors:

Here is a possible solution:
Tap in this order: Green,  Grey,  Red, Pink, Green, Grey, Red, Pink, Green.

Take the golden key and the red piece.

Take the witch dress hanging on the left wall.
Use the magic scissors on the dress to get a piece of black cloth.

Go all the way left to where you started.
Zoom in on the king statue
Put the diamond in his crown
Take the wooden chest.
Open the chest and take the scepter stick.

Go right and right again
Zoom in on the queen statue
Give the scepter stick to the queen
She will disappear

Take the blue piece from the chest.

Go all the way left.
Zoom in on the locked desk drawer (bottom right of the screen)
Unlock the drawer with the golden key

Take the lever.

Go all the way right.
Zoom on on the drawer on the bottom right.
Use the lever to open the top

Take the green bottle with truth telling powder.

Go left.
Zoom in on the crystal ball
Insert the truth telling powder
You will see some animation, then:

Take the nailed skull.

Zoom in on the wood with 2 nailed skulls.
Add the missing skull in the center

Take the scroll.

Read the scroll:

Hat + broom + robe

Go right all the way.
Zoom in on the fire with the black cauldron

Insert the white thread (hat)
Insert the red cloth (broom)
Insert the black cloth (robe)

Take the witch magic stick.

Zoom in on the ground between the cauldron and the chest on the right.
Use the sword on the piece of dirt:

Take the 4th golden coin.

Go all the way left.

Zoom in on the circular panel on the wall, top left.
Insert the 4 golden coins (hint: they each have a specific spot.  If you combine the 2 pieces on the panel you will see which coin belongs there, or you can use trial-and-error to get them in)
When all 4 are in...

The panel will move and you can take the green token piece.

Zoom in on the chest on the bottom left.
Insert the blue, green, and red token pieces.  (hint: each one have a specific place according tot he colored line)
When you have all 4 in, the chest opens and you can take the golden scorpion:

Zoom in on the scorpion
Use the magic wand

Take the golden door key.

Go right and right
Zoom in on the door on the left.
Use the golden door key to escape.

Well done on a great escape!
Happy Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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  1. Brilliant walkthrough for Halloween Escape. Thank you. IF I am not mistaken, then you had the first walkthrough out for this game. Well done. Happy Halloween all!